Hi dearies How are you all doing? How was service? I went to church today, and I dressed in a casual outfit. I am loving it. I was so blessed and refreshed. My pastor gave the word fresh and hot. I haven't been to church for about five Sundays, but I am happy I made it today. I hope yours was good. I am wearing a sky blue pullover, blue jeans, a denim shirt, a watch, and brogue shoes. There is a giveaway going on that you can join. It is ending on the 22nd of December, and there is also an up-coming giveaway, so watch out. Thanks a lot for your comments and support. I love you so much. Stay blessed and have a lovely week.

PULLOVER: United colors of Benetton
SCALF: Outlet here in Ukraine
SHIRT :Cropp town
JEWERIES :watch from croop town, earrings

Thanks a lot for your comments. Please follow, and I will follow back.
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