Aquabelle's exclusive nylon fabric is made with Xtra Life Lycra spandex, which resists chlorine 5-10 times longer than ordinary suits. Chlorine resistant and colorfast, it keeps its fit, shape, and appearance longer.

Full-encircled shelf bra with soft, wire-free moulded cups
high-back provides coverage and additional bust support.
Non-adjustable, wide straps offer full bust support.
Signature Power Mesh tummy-control lining
Unlined back
The inseam measures 9".

Nylon 82%/18% Xtra Life Lycra Spandex

Sizes 4-16 fit up to a C/D cup; sizes 18-34 fit up to a D/DD cup.
The one-piece swimsuit fits true to size.
Hand wash with mild soap. Roll the suit in a towel and squeeze out excess water. Avoid using washers and dryers. Chemicals found in whirlpools, spas, and public pools may cause your suit to deteriorate faster. Suntan lotions, salt, prolonged sunlight, chlorine, and body perspiration may also cause discoloration and fabric breakdown.

This Chlorine resistant whirlpool aquatard It has more than a hundred reviews
Madge says: I wanted a suit that was comfortable to wear as I swim long distances three times a week. I find this suit almost feels like a second skin, with little resistance in the water. It is stylish and covers up my middle-aged bod so that I feel less exposed in the pool. I can't think of anything bad to say. I liked it so much that I have bought another one in a different colour. I would love to even more in this style. I don't see why I can't be colourful and covered properly. Thank you swimsuitsforall. I wish you had a shop in the UK.

Cookie said: Perfect for the Pool. I like this suit because I am getting older and want to hide my upper legs when I go to the pool. This is perfect for that. However, there is no re-inforcement in the tummy area and the material is quite thin. I was unsure about my size, so I ordered up (I am in the middle of a size 22 and a size 24) and the top fits very well, but the legging part gaps at the knee. One of the cups has a weird fold in it and therefore makes one breast look wonky, but I am hoping that once I wash it, it will work itself out. I just received it today, so that's all I can say for now.

Meghan M said: Great coverage and sun protection!
I bought this for a family trip to the Oregon coast (brrrr!) and it was perfect. Keep in mind that the torso is a touch short, so if you have a long torso, you might want to order up. I was able to hike along the beach, bend over and check out tide pools, and go in the water without ever having to adjust my panty line! With two toddlers, having this type of suit was a lifesaver! It also covered my thighs, which I don't love, and saved me from rub rash and sunburns. I would definitely buy this suit again!
Did you ever stop and think about how often we are told to change our appearance? Magazines constantly offer tips about how to lose weight “in days,” appear slimmer “instantly,” and hide our “imperfections”… without actually knowing anything about us, much less our appearance. This is one example of body-shaming, and it is everywhere.

Body shaming is defined as inappropriate negative statements and attitudes toward another person's weight or size. It can also reach into the discrimination against individuals who may be overweight. In particular, there are negative attitudes in the media and elsewhere about celebrities who are "too fat" or who have not gotten rid of "baby weight" in an appropriate amount of time. A backlash against body shaming has resulted in the coining of the term itself and attempts to bring a more positive attitude toward diverse body sizes and styles.

From a human resources standpoint, body shaming in the workplace could lead to a lawsuit. From a parenting standpoint, it is important to be sure that your children are not being victimized for being a few pounds overweight. Children who are cyber bullied may be too embarrassed to tell their parents, and can be ridiculed in social networks. Body shaming, fat shaming, and other bullying can create negative self images, and if your kid turns out to be the bully you could end up on the wrong end of a lawsuit.

 Sitcoms so frequently use overweight characters’ bodies as the basis of many of the show’s jokes. It has become the norm to criticize aspects of our bodies as some type of bonding experience with friends – if we all hate our bodies; it somehow makes us feel connected and united. Body-shaming (criticizing yourself or others because of some aspect of physical appearance) can lead to a vicious cycle of judgment and criticism. Messages from the media and from each other often imply that we should want to change, that we should care about looking slimmer, smaller, and tanner. And if we don’t, we worry that we are at risk of being the target of someone else’s body-shaming comments.

In case you skipped something, you are perfect and beautiful JUST the way you are. 
Identify who in your life is body-positive. Spending time with these people can be especially helpful while you are struggling with your own internalized body-shaming, and help you view yourself – and others – more positively.
We spend so much time witnessing advertisements about how to make our eyelashes millimeters longer and how to get whiter teeth that it’d be nice to counter some of that by celebrating what we do have. Maybe, despite your body image struggles, you love a new hairstyle you discovered. Maybe you’ve noticed how much stronger you feel with balanced eating. Find something physical or nonphysical that makes you YOU and celebrate it every day.
Author : Erika Vargas, MA, is the Adolescent IOP Clinician at the Walden’s Braintree clinic.

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