Lipsticks are one favorite make up a ladies love. Portion cosmetics is one outstanding online  lipstick store everyone should visit. I always wanted something lovely and lasting which i found in portion cosmetics. Let me start with the packaging, it was well packaged and there were no damages made to the lipys. The lipstick is so cute, i love the golden shinning cover of the lipstick, which gives it a lady like feel. Most of us just like anything that looks good, not minding the quality which to me is wrong. Potion lipsticks are healthy, the have minty flavor and are long lasting. The bodysnatcher vegan opaque dark blue lipstick is one of my favorite, it is a nutrient light weight lipstick made to keep your lips hydrated, it contains a minty (peppermint) oil made to keeping your lips fresh all day. It is a fun color to wear, really cool. It is very affordable ($8) you can get it here.
The second lipstick is the tonic vegan opaque bright lipstick, it is home made, i love this shade of pink and this is the second time i am getting a cool pink shade. It also has peppermint .The shipping is was fast and the response is excellent. Portion cosmetics has other lovely colors like black, green, red, nude etc, you can get them here. Other shades will be specified below. I hope you love the lipsticks, drop your comments below. Follow this blog for more healthy products.
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