It's been a long week for me, traveling to another city, eating out, drinking lots of coffee, and meeting new people. These few days have taught me a lot, which involves interacting with people and learning new beliefs and ways of life. I visited Lviv city for a health program about HIV and Aids and had a chance to hear and learn new ways HIV can be reduced or eradicated from our society.

The question has been asked several times: which is better to focus on? Abstinence when it comes to sex as a means of transmission (high rate), reducing the virus, which involves those who have been affected sexually or by body fluids, Breast milk (from mother to child during pregnancy), Sharing needles or syringes, rinse water, or other equipment used to prepare injection drugs with someone who has HIV. HIV can live in a used needle for up to 42 days, depending on temperature and other factors.

Focus :
Reduction: the action or fact of making something smaller or less in amount, degree, or size.
  • Prevention is the action of stopping something from happening or arising.
  • Abstinence: the practice of restraining oneself from indulging in something.
The benefits of abstinence and fidelity have become entangled with the virtues of marriage, and it has been hard to separate personal choices from dominant cultural norms. The promotion of condoms has been portrayed as the promotion of promiscuity. Conversely, and in reaction to the perceived morality of the majority, ‘great sex’ has sometimes been portrayed as a right and a good thing in itself; suggesting or influencing people to delay or restrict has been seen as oppressive.

When it comes to this broad topic, people have different opinions about it. The church says abstinence is the best; parents say the same thing; peer pressure and social health say let's forget about abstinence and focus on reducing the virus.

Now, in my opinion, the virus is fast spreading every year. Reducing the virus should be the main focus, but we cannot forget that we still have young people who we can catch, and so we still need to promote abstinence to help the young or unaffected people.

HIV has eaten deep into our society, and everyone is to blame, as everyone has a role to play in this, starting from our immediate family, religious leaders, health care providers, educational centers, the media, and our government. More awareness has to be made because there are people who do not yet know about HIV or what a condom is. Its a big world, and blaming any person or body can not help us; instead, we need quick, active solutions.

In all this, one thing is sure: for those of you who know about the killer virus, spread the word to help reduce the virus and abstain. Do what you can to help your immediate society, because if your society is sick, it can also affect you.

If you have any contributions to make on this topic, please feel free to leave a comment below and also share. Thank you so much for stopping by. Remember, HIV doesn't show in your physical appearance; your health is your wealth.

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Glasses: I am wearing the Aspen Black, with a black lens, Mable design which is one of the most trendy designs.
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