Your website is the facade of your brand; it plays an important role in the running of your business.

Your website is the most important element in your digital strategy.
A website is an important component for any business and, as such, should be well designed to be easily navigated and easy to use. It is best to use a simple interface and upgrade widgets from time to time.

There are different common reasons why people redesign their websites, which include improving the look, generating traffic, and increasing income. Here are 7 reasons why you need to redesign your website.

Your website is not responsive.

This can be so disgusting and annoying. Your website should be both mobile-friendly and load fast. A situation whereby you visit a website and have to wait up to a minute or more before the information shows up can reduce the number of daily or monthly visitors.

Does not reflect your brand

There are different website designs for different product types. Your website should communicate your brand to those to whom you are rendering services. A good example is a food blog or a restaurant website. The theme should be vibrant and attractive; preferably, bright-colored templates should be used.

Fresh start

For people looking to change or start a new type of business, styling program, or in any field. Redesigning your website can give the business a new touch and style. It is advisable to seek the help of a professional if you are not so experienced in website redesign.

Outdated versions of templates
Some templates are old-styled. The blogger follows the free templates and themes that have the old designs, and redesigning your blog will give it a totally different look and upgrade. Your website should fit into the current marketing strategy.


If a website is not user-friendly, 50%–70% of people who visit it might not return to the website due to the bad experience.

Less is more.

There are new website designs and templates that are updated monthly or yearly. The new WordPress templates are so modern, with a minimalistic exterior.

Google search

In recent times, web design platforms have allowed design agencies to integrate search engine optimization (SEO) into a new website, ensuring new sites get the best possible kick start on search engines. Pipdig offers professional blogger templates and WordPress themes that are well integrated.
The keys to digital leadership Digital Transformation Requires Effective Digital Leadership

Digital Transformation Requires Effective Digital Leadership

The Boston Consulting Group and Google have been collaborating on digital transformation since 2018. They recently started a study to find out why some businesses are able to get a lot of value out of digital solutions, but others aren't. They looked at the digital skills and maturity of 2,000 global businesses.
were able to identify digital leaders, or companies that were ahead of the curve, They all shared one quality: the ability to rapidly scale digital solutions. The ability to scale digital pilot initiatives elevates them from fascinating experiments into important value drivers. Companies that accomplish this sooner than their competitors gain a significant competitive edge.
Do you want to work on interesting influencer campaigns with brands? We have some great recommendations for influencers who want to work with companies, as well as information on what brands look for when selecting influencers for campaigns with major brands.

From a campaign manager's perspective, here are some pointers to keep in mind.

Check out these ideas from one of our campaign managers if you wish to work with brand partners.

Concentrate on the quality of the content.

Content of high quality can help you stand out. Consistency in posting is another indicator of a potential influencer partner.

High-quality content can help you stand out. Consistency in posting is another indicator of a potential influencer partner.
One of the most important things brands look for is influencers that genuinely publish quality content.

Build an engaged audience.

We recommend that influencers focus their efforts on increasing their following and ensuring their audience is engaged. Building your brand, using relevant hashtags, posting useful or inspirational content, and reacting to follower comments are all examples of ways to do so.

"Brands definitely look at engagement rates to make sure that the people that follow them are actually engaging with the content.

Influencers have revolutionized modern marketing, allowing brands to reach out to new audiences. The financial options for influencers have also changed drastically as a result of this development. Although consumers have historically watched celebrities' and athletes' purchasing habits, the development of social media has allowed non-celebrities to wield the same power. As a result, influencer marketing was born. Here's how influencers are now earning money.

How do influencers make money?

With the growth of existing platforms and the inclusion of new ones, influencers have more options to discover their expertise and make money doing so.

That niche might be worth millions of dollars to top influencers, but it's critical to understand who their audience is and how to approach them. Then it's a matter of figuring out how to partner with companies and sponsors in such a way that those talents and passions become profitable. There are several paths that lead in that route, therefore here are ten ways influencers might profit:

Bounce rate is all about traffic analysis. It is defined as the amount of time spent on your website, how many activities were done by the visitor. Bounce rate is calculated by counting the number of single-page visits and dividing that by the total visits.  It is then represented as a percentage of total visits.

When trying to generate traffic knowing your bounce rate is very important because it shows you how well your content is doing. If your contents are engaging, solving issues and giving out pieces of information visitor needs and are searching for. 

Your bounce rate is calculated by how much time and activity a person does spend when they visit your website. When visitors visit your website and leave without performing any action like clicking on the links, images, sharing, buying i, terms, or taking a survey.

If you are a marketer then knowing your bounce rate is very important because a high bounce rate impacts your revenue and business in general.

Generating traffic to gain money is the way to go. Read and share these helpful tips that will help you generate paid organic traffic. There are ten ways to generate paid traffic in 2021.

Before you go further, is Google Adsense or any other Ad unit running on your website? if no you need to set up Google Adsense to be able to main money.

Revamp old articles
Some articles got lots of views and then you know that people are searching for that type of article. You can revamp that article by writing a similar article and also adding the same points and more.

Linking articles to articles
Always add the link to your previous article to give more clarity to readers and for easy useability. When you add a link to an article the user clicks thereby gaining more traffic,  recording more user time and less bounce rate.
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