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Few weeks ago I received my beautiful wedding dress and my mom received her elegant mother of  the bride dress, both came from a company we’ve never heard of before called JJsHouse.
I just had to share my experience, because you might be what I was before ordering, thousands of thoughts flying around in my head, most of which was related to doubt; whether or not the dresses would fit or does the final product really look like the pictures shown? The prices being so cheap so it much be like a scam right? Everything just seem too good to be true.

I will today share my personal opinion, and provide some tips that will hopefully help you make your decision!

I can’t praise them enough, especially the Live Chat team, JJshouse has at least thousand different styles, so it was really hard for us to find “the” dress settle for, however the Live Chat team helped us narrow down the styles after we told them what we wanted, which made every much easier to choose from! They are online 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, so if there is anything you are not sure of, simply pop in to their chat and I’m sure they will help.

So customer service is top notch, but of course if the website really was a scam then they wouldn’t be telling us that, even though when I left the chat, I really felt reassured, however as the time passed, the fear of wasting my money came back to me. Keep in mind that the reason I started to look online was because all the dresses from the physical stores were ridiculous overpriced and exceeded my budget.
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