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How to motivate yourself to walk more?

Do you need a little extra push to increase your daily steps? According to a study published online on April 7, 2024, by Circulation, reminders or rewards might help. In the study, researchers asked over a thousand people (average age 67) to wear activity trackers, walk daily, and set step goals. They were then randomly placed into one of four groups, each receiving different encouragement to exercise: the chance to win game points, earn money, get both money and game points, or receive a daily text message with their previous day's step count. After one year, all groups increased their daily steps by at least 1,500.

In contrast to the message-only group, participants in the money or game points groups walked over 500 more steps daily, while those in the combined incentives group walked nearly 900 more steps daily. Would you like to give this a try at home? Use a walking app that gives game points and incentives, and set a phone reminder to work out.

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  1. My doctor told me to walk less.... I am very unhappy about that. It' because of my left ankle. Tomorrow I'm going for MRI.

  2. I'll admit frankly I don't really like long walks.
    I salute you!

  3. I love walking, especially during weekend free from work in the wood nera home!!!

  4. The first thing one needs to do when trying to get motivated to walk is put on walking shoes then leave the house and tell yourself you will only walk a certain way, then walk and get lost in your thoughts and before you know it you have walked further then planned and need to head home

  5. A while back I incorporated regular walks into my life for health benefits and, boy, they sure do help. Both physically and emotionally. I find giving myself a reward (usually a cup of coffee at the end) motivates me to get out there. Good post!

  6. I've always loved walking and I'm fully aware of the health benefits of walking. However, I can never get myself to go for a walk just for the sake of walking. My walks incorporate looking - and photographing - as well as walking! xxx

  7. Hi Melody, I needed this  HOW TO MOTIVATE YOURSELF TO WALK MORE? 😊 Thank you for sharing! Hope all is well with you. John

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