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Why do mosquitoes bite me so much?

Q. It's happening again: every summer, I get bitten by mosquitoes far more than my family and friends. Why does this happen?

Why do mosquitoes bite me so much? People with Type O blood tend to attract more mosquitoes.

People with Type O blood tend to attract more mosquitoes

A. You're not imagining it. Some people are naturally more attractive to mosquitoes than others. Scientists are still trying to understand why, but they believe it has to do with each person's unique scent, which is created by a variety of molecules throughout the body. This scent, unlike underarm odor, is not something you can change, so there's no need to worry.

Other factors, such as blood type and breathing patterns, also seem to influence mosquito attraction. For example, people with Type O blood tend to attract more mosquitoes. Additionally, breathing heavily, like after exercising, releases more carbon dioxide, which mosquitoes find appealing.

To reduce the chances of getting bitten, try a few simple strategies. When spending time outdoors, use fragrance-free personal care products and wear long, light-colored sleeves and pants. Apply insect repellent to exposed skin. Additionally, using a fan, especially around your feet and ankles where mosquitoes tend to gather, can help keep them away.

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  1. I'm always being bitten by mosquitoes too, although I'm blood type A ... My chemist recently told me that it's a hereditary thing! xxx

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