Thursday, August 24

Iro and Buba look so good on me.

I do not know why it took me so long to wear this outfit; when I posted it on Instagram, most of my followers loved it, and it gained a lot of likes. I must say I love wearing my traditional clothes. I love how beautiful and unique I look, as well as the compliments I get from looking this beautiful. Red has been one colour that suits my skin in a bright and attractive way.

This design is very popular in Nigeria. My mom is one person I know who makes great choices when it comes to wearing wrappers and has the best wrappers. I have seen mostly Igbo women wear it, and my partner even made a joke and said I was wearing Igbo material. Not that other tribes do not wear this design, but I guess Igbos use it for meeting uniforms and wear it to other occasions even more.

This two-piece outfit, known as an "iro and buba," also includes a free-size long-sleeve blouse that may be worn in a variety of ways. The Igbo style is achieved by tying the two wrappers together, but the Yoruba style is achieved by wearing one wrapper. To make my outfit stand out, I also wore high-heeled sandals.

I am not so good with tying head scarves, but just after dressing up, I watched a YouTube video that clearly showed me how to tie my headscarf, specifically in the northern part of Nigeria. The video was easy, and I followed the instructions and also ended up doing it on my own to suit my face.

Taking these photos made me miss my mom due to her love for my traditional clothes, as it should be. My traditional wear has different beautiful styles and designs that are unique to my tribe, and the beautiful thing about Nigeria is the multicultural diversity and ethnic groups that make up the country. I am so proud of my heritage.



  1. I agree that you look fabulous in this set! The print is so beautiful.


  2. Beautiful! That is a gorgeous set and you look beautiful in it. My parents were married in Ivory Coast and my mom has a few sets from there. I am not sure that she still does since that was 50 some years ago. Wear it proudly!

  3. The print is so beautiful! You look gorgeous!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  4. Anonymous8/24/2023

    What a vibrant outfit! It looks great on you!


  5. This is fabulous Melody, and you should be proud. I love the head scarf and I need to learn that method.

  6. I love the patterns and the colors and red looks so pretty on you. Very flattering indeed, you look great : )

    Allie of

  7. Beautiful! I love the bright and vibrant print. Thanks for sharing some of the history behind these pieces! :)


  8. It's such a beautiful outfit! You look amazing! Thanks for joining in the #stylewithasmile link up!

    Emma xxx

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