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Why I told my friend to give his bride a heart wedding ring

Life happens. Just before I started writing this article, a friend of mine, who has been interested in me for a while now but whom I clearly let know that I wasn’t interested in, just sent me his wedding invitation. When I received it, I was happy and glad for him, and I believe he will make a lovely husband to her, but on the other hand, I wondered how well I could contribute to his wedding ceremony because where I come from, little help is needed during weddings, like finding the right wedding dress for the bride by going shopping with her or finding the right bridal set, which includes cute necklaces and rings, is well appreciated. Sometimes we go as far as helping out with the cooking because we want the food to have a taste of home, and since weddings are supposed to happen once in a lifetime, a lot of things have to be put in place before the wedding.

Marriage generally can be scary and hectic, especially in the present time, but if you don’t try, how would you know? So go out with a positive attitude and be positive, while also being sure that you have found the right partner, and when it happens, be sure to enjoy the process and be thankful.

My friend asked me to suggest the best ring I thought would be perfect for his bride. I guess it's because of my fashion and lifestyle blog that I get to have these little opportunities to suggest outfits for my friends and family on special occasions; I appreciate it and do not take it for granted. I suggested a heart-shaped wedding ring.

Why did I suggest the heart wedding ring?

Heart wedding rings are known to express love. Hearts are a wildly know symbols used to express love. Heart-shaped rings have been used in marriage and engagement proposals for ages since they are traditionally seen as symbols of enduring love and connection. Beyond aesthetics, it has a lot to do with the cultural connotations associated with heart rings, which are viewed as a significant commitment by the majority of contemporary couples. Because of all the things they stand for and symbolise, heart-shaped rings are popular in addition to their beautiful craftsmanship. Heart-shaped rings typically go with a variety of outfits and are further highlighted when paired with complementary colours that enhance rather than detract from the ring's glitter. After everything is said and done, accessorising with jewellery is a personal choice that should be treated as such.

Even though I recommended Shesaidyes for beautiful and affordably priced wedding rings, I made him understand that this is my suggestion, but what matters is that it should make his bride feel happy when she wears the heart wedding ring; it speaks to her that he loves her and shows a token of his love as he spends the rest of his life with her and lives the happiest experiences they can both have. 

Ps: Did you know that the base of a heart-shaped ring should always point in the direction of the wearer rather than the other way around? While doing so enables the wearer to see the ring's heart exactly as it should be seen, doing so has historically been interpreted as a sign that you are single.



  1. Wow, beautiful picks! I love that each heart shaped ring is unique and can compliment anyone's style.

    1. Yes, there are lots of options for everyone.

  2. The rings are very beautiful.

  3. Gracias, por tu visita, me gustan las alianzas , pero la de oro blanco se sale ajja. Un saludo.

    1. oh dear, I am sure if you look through the site, you will find something more affordable.

  4. Anonymous4/19/2023

    Heart wedding rings are so beautiful :-)
    Beauty and Fashion/Glamansion/Rampdiary

  5. Hi Melody,
    Love your choices! I'd certainly love to get any of those :)


  6. You gave him a lovely suggestion. Thank you for sharing.

  7. Weddings are such happy events, aren't they?

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