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Umberto Giannini WeatherProof Finish Anti-Humidity Hairspray Review

When I went to the store to buy hair gel, that's where I came across the Umberto Giannini WeatherProof Finish Anti-Humidity Hairspray. I'll get right to it: This product works well and keeps your hair frizz-free. I remember going shopping for hair products and just picking up this hair spray that I didn't get to use for almost a month or more, but when I did, I noticed a difference. Even though I already had the Cantu Extra Hold Edge Control Gel, which kept my hair's edges in place, this product satisfies my sometimes need for a silky, long-lasting hold. It Contains weather-resistant ingredients, creates a long-lasting, frizz-free hold and it easily brushes off.

If you want to know more about the Umberto Giannini Weather Proof Finish Anti-Humidity Hairspray, which can keep your hair in place all day while you're at work, travelling, or having a long day, keep reading.
WeatherProof Finish Anti-Humidity Hairspray
This hairspray offers a long-lasting, frizz-free style and has a medium hold and shine. Proven safe for use on all types of hair, including those that have been dyed, permed, relaxed, or added to. Your hair will always look sleek and professionally styled if you use Umberto Giannini Weatherproof Finish. 

How to use it on natural hair:

Before using, give the can a good shake. Spray evenly over the finished style from a distance of about 15 centimetres. This spray does not have the typical feel of other hairsprays because its formulation contains weatherproofing, which makes it easier to apply smoothly. This is the barrier that will prevent frizz from forming in your hair. It brushes off easily.

For my natural hair, I don't spray water on it before using it. As you can see, I have afro-textured hair, which shrinks, so I like the edges to look very sleek while also maintaining its natural look.
How to use on curly wigs

Please be aware that I experimented with this spray and found out that I could use it on my wig this way. For a curly wig, first you need to spray cold water using a spray bottle, then brush the hair with a hair brush, style, and spray the Umberto Giannini WeatherProof Finish Anti-Humidity Hairspray, which keeps your hair looking good all day.

Here is how to use this hairspray if you're travelling or have a long day ahead of you.

Spray water on your hair. Then apply a water-based hair gel all over your hair or on the part you wish to style, Brush it, style it, and then spray it with Umberto Giannini WeatherProof Finish Anti-Humidity Hairspray. Your hair will stay styled and shine all day.

How to use on a straight wig
After styling your wig, spray the Umberto Giannini WeatherProof Finish Anti-Humidity Hairspray generously to keep the hair intact all day.

You can buy this product at any drug store near you if it is available in your country, order online, or click on the links below to purchase.



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