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5 Empowering Jobs For Women Who Love Fitness And Wellness

Finding a job that empowers you can be incredibly rewarding. It is not uncommon for women to
experience anxiety in the workplace, particularly when it comes to things like imposter syndrome.
Finding a career in an area that interests you and that you truly enjoy and go a long way to helping
you build a career that you love.

If you love fitness and wellness in your personal life, why not consider making a career out of it?
Choosing to work in an area you’re already passionate about can make a massive difference in how
you feel about yourself and your career. We spend a considerable portion of our lives working, so it
is well worth looking for a job that you will love.

If you’re great at a particular sport, coaching others in the game could be an excellent way to earn
money. This could be almost any sport imaginable, provided you have experience playing and an
excellent understanding of the rules. You’ll need to take some training to prove to potential clients
that you have the skills required to train them appropriately. It may also help to work with a local
sports club or association that can vouch for your skills and help you connect with potential clients.

PE Teacher
For anyone who loves working with kids, becoming a PE teacher could be a great career choice. You
will be able to foster a love of fitness in the next generation, helping to give them a foundation of
health that they can build on throughout their lives. You’ll need a degree in a sports or fitness-
related subject and a PGCE that gives you the skills to work with children in a school setting.

Personal Trainer
If you’re a fitness fanatic, then a career helping others reach peak fitness could be just the job for
you. Personal trainers help individual clients to set fitness targets to reach, which can improve their
long-term physical health. You’ll need to be in excellent physical condition yourself to work in this
role, as it is one where you have to lead by example. Study Active have courses for personal trainers
that could be ideal for any woman looking for her next challenge and a career that is truly

Travel Nurse

With the ability to embrace an active and dynamic lifestyle, and enjoy a flexible schedule tailored to personal needs, travel nursing offers a unique blend of career and personal fulfillment. Engaging in outdoor activities, maintaining a fitness routine, and exploring new cities are all part of the journey. Working as a travel nurse allows you to contribute to improving the health and well-being of individuals in different communities while expanding not only your professional network, but also enjoying the benefits of flexible schedules, traveling nurse rentals, and opportunities for health promotion.

Private Chef
If diet and nutrition is your strong point, then a job as a private chef could be the perfect job for you.
As a private chef, you’ll work one-on-one with people who want to eat a healthier balanced diet. You
will develop meal plans to suit their specific needs and physical or medical concerns they may have.
There are qualifications in nutrition and diet that you could take to help you land this role, and you’ll
also need top-notch cooking skills to make food that your clients will love.

Life Coach
A life coach is someone who helps other people manage and organise their lives and life goals. This
could be with personal tasks like keeping on top of housework, career goals, or any other aspect of
daily life. You will help clients to create achievable long- and short-term goals that will get them on
track to where they want to be in their lives. This is an excellent career choice for anyone with strong
organisational and leadership skills who want to be able to make a tangible difference in their
clients’ lives.

Whatever you decide for your next career step, it is vital that you find something you love. With so
many health and wellness jobs out there, there’s sure to be something you’ll truly adore. You should
look at your own interests to see which options could provide you with the greatest sense of
satisfaction. It is also vital that you train to the highest possible level in whichever career path you
choose, which will ensure that you can provide a safe and effective service to clients.



  1. Very interesting post! Thank you! :)

  2. These are wonderful jobs to consider! I would love to be a life coach.


  3. I totally agree - when you spend so much time at work, you really need to love it.

  4. I don't think I'm cut out for any of those jobs. Nice post.

  5. Anonymous4/25/2023

    Such a really interesting article.
    Thanks you so much for sharing. :)
    I'm sure a lot of person will love theses jobs since more and more love the fitness and wellness topics.

  6. I believe you must work where you feel happy, satisfied and enjoy what you do. These are some great recommendations. I was a teacher at one point and loved my job. :-)

    Via | https://glossnglitters.com

  7. Oh yes indeed all of these jobs sounds super rewarding. That can be hard to find in a job.

    Allie of

  8. I trained to be a fitness instructor years ago and started a course to be a PT but ended up getting a full time job instead. It was fun but also intimidating having to teach a class of strangers!

    Emma xxx

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