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How to use live streaming for sales

I used to work for a company that wanted to start hosting scientific events, and one of the things I came to learn is that starting a company isn't everything; it's just a step toward achieving your goals; the main task is bringing the goals of the company to life.

Apart from employing competent staff to help bring your goals to reality, you also have to understand that it takes time and consistency because the market is vast with lots of opportunities that a lot of people are drawing attention to and using to make money.

In the past, experts taught and gave seminars on how to earn money and how to utilize various tools; however, this information is now available to everyone, and you cannot miss out on it. Thus, among the many ways to generate income, I will focus on how to use live streaming for sales.

But first and foremost, what is live streaming? In simple words, live streaming is transmitting or receiving live video and audio coverage of an event over the internet.

Hosting a live stream event is simple in terms of technology, but it requires meticulous preparation to achieve maximum viewership and profit. To help you organize a successful live-streaming sale, event promotion, or product launch, I have compiled some pointers for you below.

According to Square's Future of Retail survey, 58% of consumers want to try out new digital ways to buy things which is why as a business you need to research and follow innovative profitable trends.

1. Choose a platform

Facebook and Instagram aren't just for chatting and connecting with friends and family; you can also live stream and monetize your content on these platforms, including Amazon, live, Youtube, Tiktok, and Zoom. TikTok is one of the most popular live-streaming apps. Consider your target market as you select the platform where your clients are most active. For instance, if you're trying to reach Millennials or Gen Z, Instagram might be a better option. Groovy Gecko has great tools to set your live sale or webinar production apart. They cover numerous industries to ensure the success of an event.

2. Set up your streaming location

Before starting a live stream that is intended to generate sales, you need to carefully choose where you will physically be standing or sitting during the event and try to select a location that makes sense for the products you’re selling. For example, if you're advertising a health webinar, you might want to use an office setting and make sure the lighting and microphone sound is good so that viewers hear you clearly. Dress to look the part.

3. Schedule and announce the live stream ahead of time

This will help customers know when to tune in, and it will also encourage them to share the event with others. To attract more participants, you should promote the event across multiple platforms, not just the one hosting it. This includes other social media, your email list, and in-store promotions. Advertise the time (and time zone), social media channel, how customers may tune in to shop, and what they can expect to see.

Assign the right personality for the live stream. Having the right speaker can make all the difference in your live sales. Choose someone personable who can quickly adapt and improvise while having deep knowledge about the products.

4. Select the right products and be reasonable with your price.

Your bestsellers should be the key topic of your live streaming if you sell products. Making your items or services affordable can entice more people to buy them during your Livestream. You already know the price at which you can produce or supply your service.

5. Live stream with good internet.

The quality of an Internet connection can be a big problem for many people; a bad connection can distract viewers. Live stream in a location with strong internet connectivity.
  • Show your brand logo
  • Introduce yourself
  • Showcase the products you will be discussing clearly
  • Stay on camera as you show each item
  • Enable viewers to be able to purchase the product live
  • Offer giveaways and promos
6. Drama sells

It's funny how people love the drama that goes on online. Be loud if you need to be loud, be calm if that is what your business needs, and be thoughtful in your actions. Your goal is to be relatable and engaging. Above all, select products that you are truly passionate about. You must be enthusiastic about the goods or services you are selling. You must act as if you want to buy it. Make it exciting by being very descriptive about what it is. Be happy, inviting, and welcoming.

When live streaming sales, be sure to keep an eye on the comments for people making product purchase requests while you or a member of your team is being filmed. Take note of their names and add their items to the "purchase list" and reach out to them.




  1. This is an action that really gives a lot of results. Very good tips! :)


  2. Anonymous3/23/2023

    Super interesting. I think that live streams are a great way to connect with the audience and generate sales :)

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