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Helpful Tips For Partnering With Printers And Improving Your Business

Who do you think prints flyers, posters, and leaflets? If you receive them through your door, then there is a good chance the business that posted them had absolutely nothing to do with their printing. More often than not, companies outsource printing to dedicated services. Some printing businesses even go a step further and offer graphic design services.

If you are the owner of a business in need of printing services, then you need to partner with an organization committed to delivering excellent, high-quality products. This post will tell you how to do that:

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Internal Development

You don’t necessarily have to outsource your printing needs. It is theoretically possible to handle all of your company’s printing internally, provided you have the money to invest in the equipment needed to produce high-quality flyers, posters, and prints. You will need rotary steel rules dies among other equipment. Much of the equipment that is required is very expensive and needs to be constantly maintained and cared for. As a consequence of this, all businesses or those without significant investment pots are better off outsourcing printing and printing internally.

If your company can afford to manage its own printing services, then a lot of time needs to be spent researching material, equipment, and maintenance. Most experts advise hiring employees in the know. In other words, find employees who have experience operating the kind of machinery you are investing in and appoint them to managerial positions overseeing your company’s printing operations. Of course, you should also spend time calculating a budget. All of the different investments required in order to start an internal printing service will cost you tens of thousands; unless you set money aside for this project, there is no way you will be able to afford it.

Networking Events

In terms of finding printing businesses to partner with, one of the easiest ways is to attend networking events in the printing industry. There is no point in attending networking events within your own industry unless you also work in printing. Attending networking events gives you the chance to meet business owners and sample their offerings. At such events, you should bear in mind that businesses go to great lengths to make themselves seem more professional than they are; You should never blindly hire somebody from a networking event until you have read their reviews, sampled their products, and interviewed them.

Another thing to know about networking events is that there is a lot of competition at them. Business owners manning stalls will do everything they can to get you to come over to their stall instead of the next person’s. Because of this, you need to make sure that you shop around. Do not get captured by one person and leave before you have the chance to see what everybody else is offering. People at these kinds of events are very good at talking and securing deals, so don’t make any commitments until you have done your research.

Reading Reviews

An organization’s reviews can tell you a lot about them. If you have found a company you want to work with, then rather than blindly reading the reviews on their website, conduct research elsewhere and prioritize reviews posted on other people’s sites. When a business posts testimonials on their websites, they tend to post heavily exaggerated, even fake, ones. Why would a business want to post negative comments about itself after all? When reading reviews, make sure that you give priority to Google and Trustpilot, as these are the gold-standard review sites.

Another consideration worth making is whether or not the views have been bought and paid for. Unfortunately, many businesses pay services to post overly positive reviews for them despite the fact that the individuals writing the reviews have never had any dealings with them before; it is usually easy to spot such reviews, as more often than not, they tend to be heavily exaggerated and are all posted in quick succession. Sometimes these reviews are also all written in the same style. The companies selling fake reviews are becoming much more advanced, however, so spotting them is getting trickier and trickier by the day.

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Sampling Products

Once you have satisfied your concerns by reading a company’s reviews, the next step is to reach out to them and ask for a sample. Sometimes at trade shows, printing companies will have samples on display, ready for you to look at. If you found a company online or if they did not have any samples at the show you attended, then reach out to them via email and request a sample. Product samples make it easy for you to separate the wheat from the chaff. Bear in mind that some companies send samplers that are finished to a higher degree than the actual products they offer. To avoid receiving a product that is not as good as the sample you received, stagger your contract rather than signing on for them for a full year (or more).

When requesting product samples you should hire an independent expert to come in and inspect what you have been sent. An expert will be able to tell you whether what you have received is worth the price you have been quoted or not. Experts are easy to hire and are widely available. You can find them on online freelancer sites or by asking around on forums and in chatrooms.

Conducting Interviews

Another thing you need to do before agreeing to work with a company is interviewing them and make sure that they are professional, polite, and pleasant to deal with. You cannot always guarantee that what you are sent by the print company you choose to work with is going to be high-quality. Sometimes there might be bad batches. By interviewing them and making sure they are affable and pleasant to deal with, you can ensure that if you ever do receive bad copies, you can get good ones sent out to you quickly and your problems resolved. You should always conduct interviews in person yourself, so you can get an idea of the characters of the people being hired.

Businesses in need of printing services need to do as much research as they can and find the highest-quality company to work with. Unless they take steps to ensure they are hiring a quality company, they could end up getting ripped off; this post’s guidance can help you protect your business from being scammed.


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