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5 Creative ways to use pop vinyl figures

Vinyl Pop figurines are a cute and affordable way to promote your favorite celebrities and franchises. Designer toys and "urban vinyl" provide an intriguing site of resistance to the contemporary circulation of images and things. The case of the designer toy demonstrates how material artifacts can become significant in this age. The designer toy is a type of collectible art object in toy form. To make these vinyl figures or characters look very attractive, they need to be displayed in a creative manner, for example:

  1. Display Vinyl in a showcase.

Give each of your favorite figurines its own display case. Keep your vinyl in the box to fill up a full case, or display it without the packaging! These cases can fit into tight locations, which is great if you want to add some design to different areas of your house. Try putting a row of LED lights inside your display case to give it an additional cool appearance. Also, put the most expensive one in an acrylic case to showcase it.


  1.  A bookcase is an effective way to organize Pop Vinyl figures

Give your most cherished Vinyl Pops the best space in the bookcase by placing them on the middle shelves, because the middle shelves are always eye-catching. If you want to be extra organized, try sorting them by franchise or other categorization. There are Pok√©mon cards booster boxes that are smaller and should be placed on the top of the bookshelves, while heavier figures should be placed at the bottom, as it is more practical to keep lighter items on the top and heavier figures at the bottom.



  1. Vinyl Pops should be displayed on a display shelf.

Assemble a shelf with risers on a flat surface to arrange your vinyl pops in a unique way. Instead of displaying them in one large clump, place them at different levels so they can all be seen at the same time. Floating shelves can be arranged in rows or asymmetrically to create a traditional set of shelves.

Star Wars Death Star Shelving Funko pop Display sized LED Lights w/remote

  1. Standing action figures 

Action figure stands are a great way to display Pop Vinyl figures. They are easy to assemble and perfect for unboxing them. Choose a safe location for storing Pop! figures, especially when children are always running around or have the tendency of touching things in the house.

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  1. Baseball bat case/ takeaways key holders

The baseball bat display case is an unconventional way to display vinyl pops, ideal for small to growing collections. A vinyl pop keychain is an adorable and clever way to collect all your favorite characters from the hit movie, TV series, and classic pop television series. It features a stylized collectible figure with the popup's tail in its own pop.


                Funko-Pocket-Pop-Keychain-Dc-Heroes-Wonder-Woman-Challenge-of-the-Gods-Figure -                          


The designer toy is often created in very small quantities and functions as a material, a wrench in the character-driven network of pictures and things, as well as a generating element of other, parallel networks (tens, hundreds, and occasionally thousands). These pop-up vinyl figures are child-friendly and do not have any side effects when touched or when in the house for a very long period of time.
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