Friday, January 20

Friday outfit: How to style a black high waisted denim short

Hello, lovely people! It's Friday, and I am so happy that I can sleep and not worry about waking up on time tomorrow, which is Saturday. I am currently a lecturer at a university, and sometimes one of the things I like about Europe, or, let me say, Ukraine and the UK, is the way people are allowed to wear what makes them feel comfortable and good about themselves.

So I wore a short to work today, and despite wearing double pantyhose underneath, my mind kept telling me it wasn't appropriate, but I was like, "It's Friday, and all I want to do is work and enjoy the rest of my day." I know that we are all allowed to express ourselves and wear what we like, but I think that dressing well to work is necessary.

In all honesty, I received this parcel yesterday, and I decided to try wearing something I haven't worn to work before, so I sprayed my hair to look good and wore this black ripped distressed high Waisted Denim Shorts femme luxe with this top I got from Primark. I wanted to look basic and simple, and I guess I achieved that, but the question is, is this a work-appropriate outfit, or can I get away with it because I wore it to work on a Friday?

Well, let me know in the comment section below with your honest answers, please.

These shorts can be purchased from Femme Luxe, the top from Primark, and the shoes from T.K. Maxx. Its simple look got me thinking, about whether it was work-appropriate or not.



  1. I think pairing them with the dark panty hose made them just as appropriate as a dress and dresses are perfect for work.

  2. Congrats on working as a lecturer at the University. This is a fab outfit.

  3. I think you look very stylish and cool in these shorts!

  4. You look fabulous in this outfit! I love it paired with the pantyhose for the cooler weather. Although we have dress down Friday and I wear jeans, I don't think I could wear something like this to work but that's just because my work is more on the conservative side. I think you have to know your work and their expectations, but I think your outfit looks great and I say go for it! Have a great week ahead!


    1. I cant stop laughing at the support. Thank you so much.

  5. Anonymous1/23/2023

    Absolutely stunning.

  6. In love with this outfit, you look fabulous sweetie!
    Have a lovely week!


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