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6 Best Instagrammable Places in Palm Springs

Looking for Palm Springs locations to post on Instagram? The photo locations in Palm Springs are ideal for you if you enjoy shooting images in picturesque settings.

Beautiful Palm Springs is a city in the American state of California. It is located in the desert of Sonora. Numerous luxurious hotels and spas may be found throughout the city. A few of these are also among the top Palm Springs Instagram locations. In addition, the city offers much more than just posh hotels and spas. There is stunning architecture, breathtaking scenery, and wonderful cafes and stores.

As a result, we've put together a list of some of our favorite locations for the ideal photo opportunity!

  1. That Pink Door

Lovers of mid-century modern design and construction flock to Palm Springs, and this building in particular is a tourist favorite due to the vibrant pink door. Furthermore, the ideal Palm Springs photo op, That Pink Door, has been tagged more than 8,500 times on Instagram. Lastly, visit the Architecture and Design Center if you want to learn more about mid-century modern architecture while you're there.

  1. The Saguaro

We would advise staying at the Saguaro if you could only choose one hotel.

If you find it difficult to get a hotel, you can check some of the best hotel booking apps to get the best deals. The Instagrammer's paradise is this rainbow-colored hotel. This hotel offers the best pool parties throughout the regular season and a fantastic pool restaurant and poolside bar. You can also buy a pool pass to get into the pool parties and onto the property, even if you decide to stay somewhere else in Palm Springs. Depending on the season you travel, these simple but affordable lodgings are available. Lastly, the vibrant design appeal of this property is undoubtedly its best feature. If you enjoy color, then undoubtedly this is the place for you.

  1. Parker Palm Springs

Parker Palm Springs epitomizes the Palm Springs aesthetic. Further, it is a landmark and one of the most exquisitely designed hotels you will ever visit. The well-known designer Jonathan Adler, who is known for his use of wacky designs, colors, and distinctive objects, was responsible for curating the interior. Also, if you want to indulge, treat yourself to a stay at The Parker, which is unquestionably the chicest and most opulent accommodation in Palm Springs.

  1. The Joshua Tree and National Park

Another desert destination that is approximately 45 minutes from Palm Springs is Joshua Tree. The Joshua Tree is a terrific place to spend the night if you're visiting Palm Springs for just a day. Also, you may spend the day at Joshua Tree National Park touring the park's trails and pausing at breathtaking viewpoints like this one located in the Cholla Cactus Garden. Entry costs $30 per vehicle and is good for seven days.

There are numerous fantastic places to rent an Airbnb from if you choose to stay in Joshua Tree. Furthermore, the camper van, outdoor bathtubs, dip pool, and airstreams are just a few of the photogenic locations here.

  1. Salvation Mountain

Salvation Mountain is a location in Slab City, a "lawless" neighborhood location where a former marine base stood in the center of the desert slabs. Despite being completely cut off from society, power, and modern comforts, this town is safe to visit, so don't let the name "lawless" scare you away. The colorful desert landscape art at Salvation Mountain and the varied art built from leftovers at East Jesus are just two examples of the awesome art displays that can be found here. Also, you can notice some ingenuity in even the most desolate settings in this location, which also has a strong Burning Man vibe. Plus, there are plenty of photo opportunities!

The travel time from Palm Springs to Slab City is around one hour and thirty minutes. If you become hungry, there isn't much here, so make sure to pack some water and snacks!

  1. Azucar

Contemporary dishes made with local products and a variety of modern flavors may be found in Azucar. The environment is ideal for a date with your significant other or a girls' night out at dinner because the interior design epitomizes Palm Springs's coolness. You can choose to eat inside or by the pool at this restaurant, whose location is at the stunning La Serena Villas just outside of downtown Palm Springs. Sugar High is a chic rooftop bar and nightclub whose location is on the rooftop of Azucar. With a fantastic cocktail in hand, this rooftop design is utter perfection and the ideal Instagram location!


Overall, Palm Springs is an aesthetically gorgeous place with diverse locations for your perfect Instagram post, which will boost your profile and Instagram followers. The aforementioned places are a must to visit if you are in Palm Springs for vacations or just for your Instagram Profile.

Photo by Katterinaaa from Pexels: https://www.pexels.com/photo/landscape-people-sand-sun-8065818/
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