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Creightons Pure Touch Moisturising Antibacterial Hand Cream Review

Hello and a happy new year to everyone. I am excited to share my first review of the year with you all. Creightons' Pure Touch Moisturising Antibacterial Hand Cream is probably familiar to you. Creightons has a number of products, and this is the first one I'll be trying.

From time to time I get dry hands from washing and sanitizing my hands and this has made to always look for hand creams that can make my hand feel good and provide longer-lasting protection.

I was going to London and needed both body cream and hand cream, so I purchased this hand cream from the duty-free store. I've tried a variety of good hand creams, and this is one of them.

Over 150 types of germs live on the average hand! This is why, when I'm out and about, I keep a pocket hand sanitizer in my bag or back pocket to help eliminate 99.9% of bacteria and viruses.

Touch is extremely important. It is what we do when we want to show someone that we care and that we are listening. This is why it's critical that, when we get home from work or a trip to the store, we fully wash and sanitize our hands with soap and water before interacting with members of our family.

So many of the objects we use on a daily basis are contaminated with Bactria and other organisms that could make you or someone else sick. For example, free weights in the average gym have 75% more bacteria than your toilet seat! This is why it's critical to keep pocket-sized hand gels and antibacterial hand lotions on hand. So, the next time you pack your gym bag, travel, or go to work, don't forget to include hand cream sanitizer lotion to ensure you stay safe, clean, and protected wherever you go.

This hand sanitizer cream fits nicely in my handbag, allowing me to take it anywhere with me and protect myself while on the go! It keeps my hands clean and free of bacteria by applying our sanitizing hand cream, which eliminates 99.9% of bacteria and viruses.

This hand cream and hand sanitizer in one takes the place of your skin's natural oils and gives you the same protection as a hand sanitizer. This lotion absorbs rapidly and leaves your hands feeling smooth. I like hand sanitizer because it does the job. There is this extra layer I get from using some hand sanitizers in the past that made my palm feel like it has a layer and feels smoother than normal, making me uncomfortable, but this hand cream just gives the natural feel.

The cream is white in color and the scent is very mild.

So I browsed here is a list of stores you can purchase it from both in-store and online.


You can check out other hand creams from the Creightons website.


  1. I agree. It is important to sanitize and wash our hands. Lovely review for this antibacterial hand cream.

  2. Thanks for the reminder about Creightons, lovely natural products!


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