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Why you should avoid fabrics that cause itchy skin.

Why should you avoid fabrics that cause skin itching?

Femme luxe

I have been a bit slow in writing about this yellow knitted skirt and top set from Femme luxe. I wore this to work; it looked nice but was extremely uncomfortable. I was a bit disappointed because the fabric was very itchy and I could barely stay a minute without being conscious of the fact that the material was itching my skin. 

I've worn other Femme luxe clothing that was fine, but this Cream Knitted Rib Long Sleeve Jumper with High Waisted Bodycon Midi Skirt Co-ord-Zara itched my skin horribly, which is why I'd like to share the reasons why you shouldn't wear clothing that itches your skin. Apart from the skin irritation, there is much more harm and mental destabilization it can cause you. 

I know that itchy clothes can be a result of poor personal hygiene, but I am writing about fabrics that are known to cause skin itchiness and why you should avoid wearing these kinds of fabrics. 

Itchy fabrics can cause mental destabilization.
Like I said earlier, I wore this outfit to work. The fit was great, and I hoped to have a great day looking all pretty and cute, but after getting to the office, I started feeling uncomfortable. I was totally disoriented, and it was hard to keep adjusting my clothes to reduce the effect of the fabric on my skin. I was able to endure until the end of my work, but I was mentally exhausted at the end of the day and could not wait to get home to take my clothes off. 

Decreased functionality and focus
I was less functional and focused because my skin was itchy. I found it a bit difficult to concentrate, which made me less productive. 

Total discomfort.
There is a difference between being really uncomfortable and being destabilized. I had both feelings at the same time. My confidence even dropped, and I was trying not to scratch my skin a lot to avoid attention from my co-workers in the office. 

Skin irritation 
Skin irritation is the after-effect of wearing itchy fabric for a long time. Even after I took off my clothes, the parts of my skin that are more sensitive were a bit reddish and irritated. Skin irritation caused by fabrics like polyester and wool that you wear is called textile or clothing dermatitis

What can be done about a fabric that causes skin itching? 

The best remedy for itchy skin caused by itchy fabrics is to stop wearing clothing made of that type of fabric. Skincare products are very popular, but getting a good one to treat itchy skin or skin irritation isn't what you want to do as the mass market is full of poor-quality products. 

Protect your skin by using good natural skin care, body cream, or oil. 

Wear sunscreen: 
The importance of sunscreen can not be over-emphasized. Sunscreen isn't just for your face; it is also good to run it all over your body to protect your skin from ultraviolet rays that damage the skin and predispose you to cancer. 

Avoid wearing colored clothes, as the dye can also cause skin irritation. 

Avoid wearing tight clothes as it can result in sweating and itching. 

Finally, I have worn very comfortable clothes made with good fabrics from Femme luxe. It just so happened that the fabric isn't for me since it is made of wool. I will also say that I didn't pay attention to the fabric type before ordering the skirt and top set. I only paid attention to the style and fit, which is totally my fault as the fabric type was clearly stated on their website. I value my comfort and will definitely pay attention to the fabric type while ordering clothing items online.



  1. What a gorgeous look Melody. Finding material that feels good on our skin is so important.

    1. Thank you, yes finding the right fabric is so important

  2. The set looks amazing on you but so sorry it itches so bad!


  3. Oh I am sorry that this Femme Luxe set was so itchy a bumper to be sure b/c it looks so good on you! What is worse though is probably the reason it is itchy...

    Allie of

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  5. I love this set! So perfect for fall and comfy too!


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  6. You look fabulous in this outfit, Melody

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