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Is Dip Powder Good for Your Nails? Everything You Need To Know

People have long been trying to figure out how they can have manicured nails that last without 
chips and breaks until they’re ready to switch the design. You probably got your start in nail decoration with plain nail polish. It likely took you a few tries to get the hang of painting a nice smooth coat on each nail while avoiding the skin around it and to get your non-dominant hand to learn the action of painting your nails. Once you more or less mastered the process of painting your nails, you would have noticed that your painstakingly-applied polish didn’t last very long before chipping. All that hard work for a manicure that maybe lasts a day or two in peak

There’s no disappointment quite like that of a manicure that doesn’t last. This is where the
search for alternate nail products comes in. Those who enjoy the boost of confidence well-
groomed hands bring have tried every nail option under the sun. The results are mixed on which method of manicures is the best. Options like gel, acrylics, shellac, press ons, and of course, regular polish, have all received positive and negative reviews. But there’s another option to add to the list that we’re particularly pleased about. It’s called the dip manicure.

What is Nail Dip Powder?

Nail dip powder is not a new product (it’s been around more or less since the 80s) but one that has become more popular lately. You’ve probably seen advertisements for this nail design method on Instagram, Tik Tok, Facebook, or even at the nail salon. You know it’s an ad for dip powder when you see fingers being dipped into colourful powder and coming out beautifully bedazzled. The process is both fun to watch and realistic; dip nail powder creates long-lasting, durable nails that can be compared to other fan favourites like gel and shellac.

A nail dip manicure is done by applying a base coat (almost like a glue that the colourful
powder can stick to) and then immediately dipping each finger into the pretty powder. After the subsequent dips of each nail, you brush off the powder and apply an activator liquid before ending with a top coat.

What Are the Benefits of Dip Powder?
One of the best parts about dip nails is that they don’t require any curing with light technology. You know those LED or UV light “caves” you stick your hand into when you’re getting a gel manicure? This step adds a lot of time to the process and makes at-home gel manicures more difficult to attain. However, with dip powder, the activator liquid acts in place of the light technology, a perk we love.

And on the topic of at-home manicures, dip nail powder can easily be used at home for a
fraction of the cost of going to the salon. Plus, you can change up your nail look more often if you have the ability to do so yourself. We recommend purchasing a nail dip powder kit that comes with all the products mentioned above (the base liquid and powder, the coloured powder, the activator liquid, and top coat) as well as the nail tools you need (like a cuticle pusher, nail file, and bristled brush) so you get every necessary item together.

Doing your dip powder nails at home saves a lot of time, as well. You can complete the full
work in about twenty minutes. That’s about the length of an episode of your favourite TV show (another perk of doing your nails at home). Then, expect your manicure to last chip-free for anywhere from 3-6 weeks. Of course, if you want to change up your look before then, make sure your kit also comes with dip remover tools. Nailboo sells a dip powder kit that includes all of these items.

Is Dip Powder Good for Your Nails?

After learning about the benefits of dip nail manicures, you’re probably wondering if there are any negative aspects. Actually, dip powder can be a great step to take for allowing your nails time to grow.

Dip powder offers a protective coating over your nails that prevents them from breaking or
cracking and gives them time to properly grow out from the nail. For anyone who struggles with bad habits like biting or picking at their nails, having a dip manicure can be especially helpful for the way it keeps a durable shell over the nails. Dip manicures are also easier to remove than acrylic nails, so they’re gentler.

However, if you go to the salon and the manicurist dips your nails in a jar of powder, you stand the risk of incurring an infection from having your nails dipped into an unsanitary product that was used on multiple people’s fingers. Salons can brush or pour on the dip powder to prevent this, or you can not worry about cross-contamination by using your own personal kit at home.

Always assess your nails after removing your latest manicure. If you think they might need a little break, try going with some normal polish for a few weeks until they’re ready for their next dip treatment.

There you have it! Your questions were answered about dip nails. Our top recommendation is an at-home dip powder kit so you can see the results for yourself!

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