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Helloice Hip Hop Jewelry Valentine Sales

Hip hop jewellery first acquired popularity in the late 1970s and early 1980s, thanks to the rappers of the time. Big, heavy Cuban link chains were a common piece of hip-hop jewellery worn by these artists to signal their presence. Each piece of jewellery they wore was a symbol of their achievements and accomplishments. A stunning selection of gold Cuban link chains can be found in our stylish assortment of Cuban link chains for men and women. Cuban link chains are a sign of wealth. A single chain can take up to 12 hours to make and requires the expertise of more than five experienced jewellers.  

Cuban link chain

It is well-known that hip hop fashion complements the attitudes of hip hop culture. It has emerged in such a strong way that popular culture simply can’t ignore it, in fact, it is embracing it. Hip-hop or Rapper's jewellery became part of our lives. We might as well blame rappers, and other celebrities, who pushed their fashion style into the mainstream. Rappers Jewellery is the true bling of your jewellery ensemble, and they are worn heavily by many famous rap stars. Bling pendants can range from crosses to custom pieces, and miscellaneous. The sizes vary, along with its type; they can come in gold or silver, and with or without diamonds or gems.

You might also want to consider getting a Tennis chain. The term "tennis chain" was coined after professional tennis player Chris Evert lost her diamond chain during a match at the 1987 US Open. Evert requested that the game be paused so that authorities could hunt for her chain—all as spectators and TV watchers looked on. Since then, the tennis chain has been referred to as the line diamond chain. Check out a collection of rap jewellery from Helloice Jewellry's most unusual or custom-made pieces.

Tennis chain

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