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5 Signs Your Faith Is Being Tested

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As you go through life, you’ll encounter situations that test your faith. You can think of these as trials that define the direction of your spiritual path. Do well, and you’ll emerge stronger. Do poorly, and your life will start getting out of control. 

In this post, we take a look at some of the signs you’re being tested and what they mean. 

You’re Being Asked To Sacrifice Something

While we might like to have it all in life, it’s not possible. Time, money, and resources are all limited. Eventually, we have to make decisions about what can stay, and what must go. 

We have examples of sacrifice in the Bible, notably when Abraham offered up his son Isaac on the mountain as a test of faith. 

In life, you will face similar tests. You may have to sacrifice a career for a family or time for a project that you want to complete. Whatever it is, giving something up is a test of faith that everything will be okay in the end. 

You’re Being Asked To Give Up Control

God is always probing our hearts, trying to figure out what we’re made of. The idea is that we surrender and place our total trust in our faith. Doing this is a kind of proof that we’re giving everything over to a higher power. 

Tests of the heart come in all shapes and sizes. Some involve work, while others can affect your health.

Through these processes, we come to be stronger people. If we can show faith in the most challenging of conditions, then it means that the rest of our lives will be a breeze. 

You’re Being Challenged By Your Desires

Another strong test of faith is being challenged by your desires. The world will often dangle the things that you want right in front of you, even though they are bad for you. That’s one of the reasons so many people wind up in drug and alcohol rehab. They give in to the temptations around them, get into bad habits, and then lose control of their lives. 

If you find yourself in repeated situations where the world is challenging your desires, you could be enduring a test of faith. God might be challenging you to see whether you are advancing in your spiritual progress. 

You Feel Sharpened

Sometimes, tests of faith are a bit like exams or coursework. They’re a chance to sharpen you in the spiritual dimension, making you more loving, honest or compassionate. 

Often, when you go through trials, you come out of the other side stronger. As they are happening, they feel awful but, in hindsight, you can see their logic. 

You can generate joy out of even the most dreadful circumstances. Instead of looking back with sorrow, you use tragedy to improve who you are. Patience is a virtue

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You’re Being Asked To Give More

Lastly, you may find your faith being tested if you are being asked to give more. Remember, Jesus said, “give all your possessions to the poor and follow me.” During your life, you may find situations where you’re being called to be financially generous.
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