Wednesday, October 13

Places To Visit In The Italian Alps

The Italian Alps form an arc stretching from Monaco in the west to Trieste in the east, encompassing the entirety of Italy's northernmost region.

They are divided into three major categories. With its dramatic playground of snowcapped mountains, which borders France and Switzerland, the western side of the high Alps is the southern end of the high Alps. The Italian Lakes are located in the center of the country, where large lakes are surrounded by smaller hills and picturesque villages. The Dolomites, on the other hand, are jagged rocky peaks surrounded by lush alpine meadows in the eastern section.

From Milan, the entire Italian Alps region is easily accessible. When visiting the Dolomites in the eastern section, the best activities are only a short drive away from Venice or Verona in the south, or Innsbruck in the north, depending on where you are coming from in Italy or Austria. 

1. Lake Braies by @elcampa1969⁣
2. Molveno by @funk_design⁣
3. Val Badia by @ilhan1077⁣
4. Lake Braies by @rita_manzella_⁣
5. Rifugio delle Odle by @elcampa1969⁣
6. Val Badia by @ilhan1077

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