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Why colored tissue paper is harmful to your health?

There are lots of products out there that we use daily which are harmful to our health in the long run. It looks beautiful and nice but how does it impact your health? If you are still using coloured tissue paper you need to stop and read this.

The weird thing is that we use toilet paper on a regular basis for one of our bodies' most sensitive areas. We don't give a second thought to how it's manufactured or why it's so white. Nowadays, toilet paper comes in a variety of colours, so why aren't all of them blue, yellow, or any other colour besides white?

Coloured tissue paper first appeared in the '50s according to the Toilet Paper World publication. One of the first things that became apparent back then was that doctors began warning people about the skin-damaging effects of colour additives. They were also concerned about the possible detrimental environmental impact. 

In the mid-to-late 80s, there was less production of colourful toilet paper. One of the first things that became apparent back then was that doctors began warning people about the skin-damaging effects of colour additives. 

Wiping synthetic colours where you would normally use toilet paper might pose a number of health concerns. Urinary tract infections, for example, are usually mild and curable, but they can sometimes be more dangerous. Any extra artificial ingredient might upset the delicate balance of the genital organs. Dyeing can cause rectal irritation, and adding chemical smells to the mix can make matters considerably worse.

Anything scented that comes close to your intimate parts is a bad idea, especially for ladies. No one should use chemical fragrances since they irritate sensitive regions of the body. Toilet paper with a fragrance is unnecessary!


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