Monday, September 20

This is why you can not drink tap water in Ukraine

This might be helpful information for foreigners and visitors who live or plan to visit Ukraine. Are you a student, business traveller or tourist, whatever made you visit Ukraine here is what you need to know about tap water in Ukraine.

Drinking water in Ukraine is scarce and tap water is not so clean for consumption. I remember visiting Ukraine for the first time and a boy who drank tap water got seriously ill and was taken to the hospital, he was also warned by the Doctor not to drink tap water again. The state of the country's water pipelines is a major concern since it has resulted in a decrease in the quality of tap water.

Drinking tap water in Ukraine is very harmful to your system. The country’s water system is dilapidated and tap water should not be consumed by anyone. Ukraine’s availability of water has decreased while water contamination has increased due to trace metals and emerging pollutants.

It's so sad how you see articles saying you can drink tap water in Ukraine. If you ever visit Ukraine, in some apartments the water that runs through is brown in colour while in some apartments the water is cloudy and not clear. Using tap water in Ukraine to take a bath is totally fine but consuming tap water is not healthy for your system.

How do you get pure drinking water in Ukraine?
Purchase water from a supermarket. There are companies that bottle drinkable water.

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