Tuesday, September 28

9 things you should hear today

Are you lacking words or thoughts to quantify yourself today? There are days when everything around you is dark and gloomy. A hopeless pitch gloom that engulfs you completely. We have all been there as well. It is never simple. It is not a matter of self-control. You cannot simply snap out of it. Additionally, you do not need to have objective reasons for being in that state.

When the world is collapsing around you. When either too many things occur simultaneously or nothing occurs at all.

When everything around you triggers a chain reaction of emotional crashes, when disappointment follows disappointment, and when your patience runs out. When you're spreading yourself so thinly that you're beginning to doubt your own existence.

When you are required to be everywhere yet are at peace nowhere. When you listen, nod, and encourage others with a smile while simultaneously screaming within for someone to finally listen to you.

When your plans fail to materialize. When you grin so hard that it aches your jaw.

When you waited and worked and used every human effort to avoid rejection. When you are confronted with rudeness and stupidity, it makes you want to weep, even though you should not take it personally.

When you feel like you've failed; when you've disappointed those that care about you. When you break promises and shatter hearts — in order to escape your own heartache — it still breaks and wounds you.
When you feel alone and alone and no one understands or cares about you. When you prioritize yourself but no one else agrees.

When you want to give up, to flee, to crawl back into bed, to emigrate from the country, to abandon this planet, it's difficult. Certain days are like this. You wish it was simpler. But well, when going through those days here are 9 things you should you need to hear today by we the Urban.

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