Sunday, October 18, 2020

Fall Fringe: The Fashion That Is Defining Autumn 2020

Summer and spring always battle it out for the crown of the fashion season. Many people believe that spring is the best season for a new fashion to emerging. But, there’s a whole slew of fashion lovers that will fight tooth and nail, for their favorite season for fashion, the fall. Why is autumn so special for some? It's because fashion goes from just being fashion, to practical fashion. The things you’re wearing are actually reusable over and over. Unlike the summer months of fashion, whereby items are usually sold off from your wardrobe, fall fashion is more likely to be kept in your collection. This year, it's about the fringe.

Fringe Fall 2020 Trend
Google Image via Bottega Veneta Daniel Lee

Fringe tassels
This year, the fringe of your items is going to be long and most likely, in tassels. This sweater with tassels is a prime example of the kind of fashion that is so popular now. It's got a shredded modern look, it fits loosely around the neck and can be worn as a top layer as well. This is something that can be worn indoors as well because it's not going to cover a large part of your body. Yet, the colors are vigorous, eye-catching and they vehemently opposed the natural color palette of the fall. Loud, exuberant, and lots of style, this kind of sweater with tassels is brilliant to wear with high-waist jeans.

The clang of autumn
We don; ’t like to wear bracelets in winter because they are often cold and they make our skin feel uncomfortable. But the fall is not the same, you can wear specific kinds of bracelets and bangles such as those on the Artelia Jewellery page. Check out the ironically named Corona bracelet. It has an Egyptian flare, with its rose gold body and turquoise blue stones. The two hearts bangle is in 18k silver and has two rubies for hearts in the design. They say you shouldn’t wear gold in the fall, but silver is definitely okay. It's quite classy, does not draw too much attention, and still can add flare to your outfit.

Cowgirl leather boots
Fringed leather boots are back in fashion. They used to only be seen in Western films but this particular type of item has something going for it in winter. The tassels add extra warmth to your legs and give the boots a nice attitude. They allow for plenty of coupling with other items because they give character to the outfit. So even if you’re wearing a plain leather jacket, these boots will add a little pop to your step.

Humble headband
The fall winds are back and that means your hair might go all over the place. So consider a stylish headband for your outfit. It not only plays a role to keep your hair out of your face so your makeup can shine through, but it can also be styled, for fall items, like holly, berries, and bits of tinsel. 

Fall fashion is always a great time to experiment and make your outfits more practical. Don’t be shy to test the waters with the new fringe fashion.



  1. This is one trend that makes me happy. I love anything with fringe!
    the creation of beauty is art.

  2. Florence Kez10/20/2020

    This trend is classy and playful at the same time, that is why I love it.

  3. Rose Bende10/20/2020

    This is one of my favorite trends this season. Styling is versatile and fun.

  4. Beatrice Mos10/20/2020

    Fringe is very trendy high fashion style. I love it and I can not wait to style it this season.

  5. Mangat Ric10/20/2020

    That bag is so cute, the fringe style is such a statement style.

  6. I love the fringe trend. Thank you for sharinf


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