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Why bloggers don't get the best from articles shared to improve their blog.

Reading is very important and a lot of bloggers have missed that. Each time bloggers go searching for a particular solution about how to improve their blog, they find lots of articles, some well written while some without any proper answer.

Read in between lines
Some bloggers do not get the best out of articles shared to improve their blog because instead of taking time to read and understand what the writer has written before the solution, they go straight to the solution hoping to get the best. Most times it all ends up in getting a poor result. Writers who teach a particular skill tend to share important tips/pieces of information before sharing the answer to what you are looking for that gives you a clear and wider insight on how to use that content and channel it in the right direction.

Multiple tab opening promotes improper reading and anxiousness
When you search on google about a particular topic, and all the possible solution to what question you are searching for comes up, don't open more than one tab at a time from the search result. Opening lots of tabs make you read in a not detailed way. It makes you read really fast, you jump into the next article and sometimes you end up not getting the best solution. Find the topic that best suits what you are looking for and read through properly. If you are not getting what you need close that tab before opening another one. It helps reduces anxiousness, this is a very practical reading solution.

Use your google dictionary
Don't rush the article, check the meaning of words that you are not familiar with. Quickly use google dictionary or Wikipedia to search for the meaning of any word you don't understand or know the meaning.

Click on those links
I know some website insert too many links while trying to give out needed information but believe me in between lies the answer to what you are looking for.  Click on the links and read the articles also. Remember, no knowledge is lost and it is a win-win situation.

The comment section has solutions
 Check the comment section. Read through the comments to see if anyone was able to get a solution from the article shared. If they left their website link or any form of contact. Contact them and find out more.

Test before sharing
When you read about a subject or blogging solution make sure you have used it practically before sharing it to your audience. There are lots of empty contents online about getting traffic and we just happen to click on it each time we search on google about how to generate traffic because they used the right keywords.

There is always a free solution shared by somebody online, all you need to do is carefully read and apply what you have read to get results.

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  1. So interesting post dear!!
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  2. I often find the comment sections very helpful.

  3. Good advice when researching something!

  4. I love all of these tips! I always find it important to get your blog post out there, through different methods. Thanks for sharing!

    Nancy ♥ exquisitely.me

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    1. Thank you, I will check out your website.

  6. Thanks for sharing these helpful tips and linking up with me.



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