Tuesday, November 5

Pain is not just a physical sensation.

Pain is a bad emotional experience that no one wants to feel.
Pain is a slow killer. Pain can eat deep into our minds. Pain can bring about positive or negative influence.

Everyone is striving for the top. Everyone wants to be the best and move as fast as they can to get to the top but not everyone is achieving that goal. You might be going through tough times, you are struggling just to keep your head above and breath. You are trying but things do not seem to be walking out the way you planned. You probably should be in a different place in this time of your life but you are here wondering why it has to be this way. You are smiling for the sake of appearance and it really hurts deep down but well what can you do?.

For some everything is working so well but they have a broken heart, relationship, marriage or family causing them constant pain. You feel the void of true love and you are constantly in a wondering state and asking yourself different questions. It hurts to feel alone, to be in a dark place and feel like no one cares about you.

You always read the holy book and soak yourself in prayers everyday but things don't just seem to be walking out the way you want. It feels like everything is working against you. All you have been through and going through someone somewhere is going through the same thing and asking the same exact question, weeping and wishing that things can change. But the good news is that pain is temporary and you will get through it strong and victorious. Somebody didn't make it to today but you did, get up and keep pushing.

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