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How to clean white shoes and how to clean white sneakers are one of  Google most searched keywords for shoes. Is no news that white shoes gets dirty real quick.  People want to know how to keep white shoes sparkling and white. Sharing with you some tips on how to clean your white shoes and also where to purchase good white shoes for summer. All photos are click-able to the purchase site.

There are different ways to clean white shoes but before you searching for that why not try to prevent your shoes from getting too dirty to lessen the stress of cleaning. Different people different hack, you can effectively clean a white shoe with different methods .

You will need
Baking soda
hydrogen peroxide
old or new toothbrush
a mixing bow
Put a spoon of  baking soda mixing the bow, add water, hydrogen peroxide and mix until it creates a past like solution. 
Take out the shoe lace, dip the tooth brush inside the solution and use the tooth brush to scrub/apply the solution all round the shoe but don't soak the shoe up so much.

Ones you are done applying the solution all over the shoes, out the shoes outside with out rinsing, outside for about four (4) hours for it to dry. It turns white during this process.
When fully dry mildly hit your shoes together to remove the dried up solution from the shoes.
This is a DIY so try it and let me know the outcome, besides it actually works.

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