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Love bloom smart necklace by Totwoo

Have you ever opened a beautiful jewelry box and all you said was wow. Totwoo got me wowing almost all the time. Fashion meets technology, spiced up with luxury and sophistication yet so simple, health adequate and outspoken. This luxurious neck piece is a girls best friend, it basically works like a charm. It has lots of amazing functions which will amaze you. When I opened the box and the light came no, it gave me such a good feeling I knew there was more to this than just a neck piece.

The Totwoo love bloom neck piece is very sophisticated and elegant. Each pendant consists of nine drop-shaped Swarovski crystals, and a flower core that is made with gold foil. Underneath is the Totwoo newest smart core, the smart core 2.0, covered by 18k gold-plated S925 silver. This gorgeously designed pendant is in golden color and comes with a length-adjustable golden chain.
18K gold-plated s925 silver, Swarovski crystals & fine gold foil. Pendant diameter, 25mm. Adjustable chain, 40-60cm.
The concept of the Love Bloom is “angel”. which aims to encourage women focusing more on their selves instead of others, and taking proper care of themselves. Newly incorporated features of Love Bloom includes: Menstrual Reminder, Hydration Reminder, Custom Reminder & Smart Camera.
Lets talk about the functions of  this jewelry.
Reminder/awareness: Sometimes we are too busy to remember the start of our menstrual cycle or even to prepare towards it, the love bloom can serve as a reminder this. This is so amazing right, and you are wondering at this point how does this work. Keep reading to get the best of today;s article.

It can automatically calculate your daily walk and consumed calories. Once your target is achieved, it will congratulate you by flashing with colourful light.
Gone are the days of prolonged sitting. Totwoo will remind you once you remain inactive for a certain period of time. This will help regulate your daily movement and lifestyle in general. This is a perfect gift for a friend who needs/wants to lose weight.
Luxury and glow: This is an amazing neck-piece to own and to let everyone know you own such an amazing piece when in the dark or in a party, you can Switch Totwoo to “shining” mode and it will flash continuously. Girllll lets do this....ahh.

Love and connection:
Another exciting part of the the love bloom is that it keeps two heat beating, connecting and keeps your love so strong. You could pair up your Totwoo with that of the special someone. And messages could be sent by simply tapping the jewelry. It keeps you connected, always. Don't let anyone steal your boo.
Trying to make a decision and you can't seem to get the exact answer, your favorite friend is here, all you need do is concentrate on the question, then gently shake or knock on the jewelry. It will give you the much needed answer instantly. This is my favorite part, the set up.

Besides all this functions, you can set you can setup it to only receive alerts from your most important contacts. No more intruders... rest well my dear.
 Set up
At first I was a little confused wondering how best can I put this beautiful charm to use, not until I watched the set up video which is very easy to understand and helps you make the best out of your neck piece. To set up the love bloom, firstly you need to remove the insulation paper behind the pendant. The love bloom set comes with a box comes with a USB outlet  that enables you charge the pendant. Connect the USB to the box and place the pendant inside the box to start charge. To signify that it is charging it blinks a red light, which goes off after an hour indicating that it is fully charged. 
Search for the Totwoo App on which is available on App store and Google play store. Download App, sign up and turn on the Blue-tooth on your phone. Put the jewelry near your phone to connect. ones active, a blue light comes on to indicate connected. You can also knock on it or shake it to confirm it successfully binded (connected) together. Fill your information in the App, follow the instructions and enjoy every moment with the Love Bloom.
Visit www,sugarhilll.blogspot.com for the full outfit.

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