Wednesday, June 27

The best sunglasses to buy at www.kaca-kaca.com

Sometimes, all I want to do is dress up, with no makeup, put on my sunglass and hit the road.
Glasses which happens to be my best fashion accessory can be worn all year round. Picking the right pair of sunglasses can be tricky as there are lots of trendy styles currently circulating the fashion market and runways. You might want to look trendy but there is one secret you need to know about glasses, they never go out of style, they are always in style, no matter how long the design has been, it turns out to even become more stylish and wanted.
Quality and proper Uv protection is very important when picking your sunnies. I can not over emphasize on this, I have written an article about why you should wear sunglasses and its a must read. Do not play with your sight, protect your sight just as you protect your skin.

I picked three sunglasses from KacaKaca Australia and I am so in love with them. Actually, I do not have this designs in my sunglasses collection which is more than a 100 pair of sunglasses, a freak right, I cant just stop collecting them.
Here are my top picks from Kaca Kaca
Come on guys, look how expensive and serious this makes me look. I love the energy and meanness in my sunglasses. The Billy sunglasses features a Frame width of 130mm lens and its a unisex pair.
Ha a high sun glare reduction, good UV protection and it is in style.
Get similar Noal #gold.

Yellow sunnies are still trending this season. The cute girl style, sexy and vibrant. Take a photo of the glasses in under the sunlight you will love it even more. These uniquely styled sunglasses are made for the style conscious, with sleek edges and a neon yellow finish, with UV-400 lenses, this frame provides maximum protection for both men and women. Lightweight and the clarity is great. 
                                                                          Alexis #gold
Are you feeling like going to the pool side already? sipping a glass of pinacolada, with a hot well fitted swim wear and the Alexis #gold sunglasses. Stunning right?
Oversize style, sun glare protected and uv400 protection. Perfect for the beach or a pool party.
Similar, Winona #green.

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