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Why Nicki Minaj Wears Amiclubwear

Amiclubwear is an incorporated women's clothing shop based out of one of the nations hottest fashion capitals in Southern California. Our purchasers keep their fingers on the fashion pulse, the result is that they know what is hot, what is not and we bring it online to you. The hard part is done for you and all that is left for you to do is visit our uniquely designed women clothing shop and shop until you drop. As a company we have always had a tremendous interest in new clothing lines, finding the newest trends and best of all; styling outfits that will make you look your best. Each season we travel to designer showrooms and pick out up-and-coming styles to keep the assortment fashion-forward. Amiclubwear reviews the latest styles from our popular lines but plans to continue to look ahead to new designers, introducing the newest lines without sacrificing the classic styles Amiclubwear is known for.
Generally, I  can Say Ami Clubwear wins it all, when it comes to price and quality. I have never been disappointed and to even know that Nicki Minaj wears Ami clubwear boots then girl, that's a big deal.
This Sexy Black Floral Pointy Toe Round Chunky Heel Booties are Satin made, well embroidered to style. This is totally high fashion at your doorstep.
Keesha W.:says : My 2nd time ordering from Amiclubwear. (1st time was one pair of shoes about 5 yrs ago) any way. I placed my order on 10/31/17 used the 65% off coupon vs free shipping (i saved more) i ordered 5 dresses, 2 sun hats, 1 sweatshirt and 1 pair of heels. All size S. Received tracking ans shipping on 11/2/17 and received my order today 11/8/17 via UPS. 1 BOX and everything was individually wrapped in plastic bags with labels (just as the high-end stores) EVERYTHING is of awesome quality. And a perfect fit. I'm 5"6 144lbs. I wear a size 2/4. These dresses fit JUST LIKE their models. If not better. My shoes are great quality and true to size. My sunhats are fabulous. I will continue to order from Amiclubwear. Shipping may not be free. But was well worth the time and material. I read the other reviews while i waited for my order. And I had to make sure it was the same company! I am nothing short of impressed by THEIR brands. - all the way from Maryland.

Corilee13 :
I’ve bought from them several times and never had a problem. The only thing I hate is when they are out of stock on something it doesn’t say so until you try to add it to your cart. I didn’t know they were rated low. I’ve never had a problem. Shipping is kinda pricey but I think it’s how they recoup from having low priced things.

KevW: Absolutely love this site, I've been shopping here for the past couple years and for some strange reason I only now made an account.
Never disappoints, i just bought myself another 5 pairs. Definitely fuels my addiction. lol But it's okay :) You can never have too many.

Fateima Harris: Always has something fresh and always has exactly what I'm looking for!

Mattie Baker: Excellent I have been a customer for the past 4 yrs never had any issues. I'm always an over satisfied customer.nannete Nau : I love this site, have been shopping here forever and every pair of shoes or clothing I have are from here! Love the promos discounts and all that site have to offer! The only complaint I have is the return process. I wish they offer help with returns when things don't fit, it is hard to buy things online for the correct fit. When it doesn't fit and I have to return items, it is very expensive for me since I already pay for shipping when I order. NOT a great value when I have to pay for shipping when order and then for return if doesn't fit. ( paying twice for shipping!! :( Otherwise, keep up the great products!! Thanks.

TheChase: I have very good reason to be sceptical of online shopping as I have had numerous regretful experiences with many. Refreshingly, Amiclubwear has been very impressive in delivering quality, fashionable clothing/shoes at draw-dropping prices and the customer support are commendable. I am truly impressed and as such, I consistently recommend to whomever whenever the opportunity is present. I am a lifetime customer and everyone in my network will eventually shop on amiclubwear.com.


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