Thursday, December 1


Whenever it gets near Christmas I feel its time to bring all the bright playful colors. It’s amazing how an accessory can optimise a look and make it edgier and cool! Keep the charisma going all the way to your toes when you roll on these super-cute fishnet socks.
Fishnet socks also go really well when wearing a casual dress and trainers. It greatly upgrades your look by giving it some charm and beauty.
They can be all of the above and so much more, good or bad, tacky or incredibly sexy and cool.

Bag : Purchase this Jarva Snakehead color black tote bag by Jessica Buurman and enjoy the classy details of this bag.
Shoes :FREE worldwide shipping on all orders with purchase of $150 or more. Purchase this CHELSEA Studded Rock And Roll Chunky Heel Sandals and get free shipping. Socks : House.
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