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How to Choose your Favorite Handbags
Clothes are definitely personality as well as moment defining for many people. However, the amount of charm and charisma that you carry does not really get portrayed in an ideal way by clothes alone. As a fashion enthusiast, you must invest in the right jewelry. Accessorizing your wardrobe means that you will you need to pick the right handbags that will give you the true value of your money but more so complement your clothes perfectly.
Handbags are often picked according to your tastes and to some extent how affordable they are. However, the one forgotten criteria which many people follow unconsciously is the personality they have and the trend ruling the market at that particular time. Below is how to choose the right accessories for your wardrobe.
The basics
Every woman ought to have a dozen handbags with which they use to wear alongside other clothes. Even if you have a few multipurpose bags, they ought to be unique and should also be oozing of charisma and your personality. The first thing to note about handbags is that they should marry functionality and beauty in a most ideal and simple way.
When picking the perfect bag, women should go for those that match their body size and shape. It is good, for example, for petite women to go for smallish bags while tall women should go for the bigger and mid-sized bags. In order to make a more eloquent fashion statement, a short woman should go shopping for an angular bag while the tall one should go for the more rounded bags.
The color
It is common to see women insisting that they wear an amazing outfit with a matching bag. This brings out the true beauty of a woman; however, it is not possible for many women to have a mountain of handbags to match their every outfit. If you don’t have a stack of cash to buy every other beautiful handbag, just invest in a good number of handbags that are neutral in color. Go for black, whites and grays. You can still buy brightly colored handbags to match your dear elegant dresses.
The purpose
Designer bags are categorized according to their purpose more rather than how beautiful or exotic they are. As such, you need to look for an ideal bag that will suit your needs perfectly. If you are an office lady, you need to buy a decent bag that has several compartments to keep your personal belongings. Satchels are also ideal for your office life. On the other hand, if you are an evening lady who attends evening parties and dinners frequently, you need a good clutch. As for traveling, you need to invest in a good duffel bag that is spacious and easy to carry yet at the same time does not make you look out of fashion.

A bag is a woman’s everyday companion and a good bag will titivate the overall appearance. Moreover, a woman will feel more in control of a situation when they have their bag at hand.
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