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There are so many reasons why you should care for your teeth, but while caring for your teeth you need the right products which makes it easier for you because Carbon coco kit, is one of the most healthy and productive kits for tooth care. It whitens your teeth, polishes and strengthens your teeth without any chemical and added nasties.

I am using the healthy pack which is the complete coco kit.
Just before i go into proper details, here is what your kit contains.
1. 14 days organic oil pulling spearmint.
2. Activated carbon teeth whitening jar.
3. Tooth brush with bamboo bristles.
4. Tongue cleaner.
5 Satin pouch.
How to obtain a white set of teeth using the coco kit.
Deep your tooth brush into the activated whitening jar, brush thoroughly and rinse out properly.
Use the tongue cleaner to help remove any stain left on your tongue, finally use the carbon coco organic oil pulling, cut the sachet along the dotted line. Squeeze contents into mouth and swirl for 5-20 minutes, discard and smile.
Now you do not only have a white set but fresh breath.
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