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Summer is here and am sure we are all happy to feel the burning sun on our skin. Summer happens to be my best season of the year and i am going to share with you some tips you need to know(do) before embarking on any journey.

1) Preparation : Read about the country or city you want to visit, read about the history, culture and laws.
2) Packing :When you are sure of where you are going for your vocation, pack the necessary stuff you need, do not carry along wants, most times we tend to take along things we never get to use, this brings about distractions while moving around and much luggage's during vocations is so not advisable. Clothing's: Carry a long clothing's that are very light and easy to style, in other to be comfortable while moving around. Very advisable not to wear high heels for a long time, flats shoes are perfect for vocations.(sun shades, shoe, inner, cardigan etc)
Pack 5 days before the time, and repack again two days before the time, this is to enable you recall if you are forgetting anything.
3)Documents : This includes your passport, air ticket and driver's license. Make two photocopies of each  documents, just in case a lose any, you can still be able to prove your citizenship.
 4) Money : When you read about a city, you will be able to know the kind of lifestyle and daily living that goes on in that city, this will help you in budget planning, carry along double the amount of money you plan to spend in cash and please split them, do not keep them inside one bag. About your credit card, contact your bank to know if it can work in the city you want to visit. ( always have local cash), not every place takes ATM cards, example the train or bus.
5) Travel partner: People go on vacations for different reasons  such as recreation and change of environment,but if you want to tour a city please make sure you travel along with a lively person if you are not going with your family, to enable you enjoy your vocation.
6) Electronics: You can get a camera, take photos of beautiful places, which you visited. Carry along two batteries for your mobile phone, GPS is very important for locating places.
 Note: You should have the emergency  number of  the medical providers.
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