Are you looking to keep your natural hair soft and free from tangling then the hairfinity cleanse and condition kit is highly recommended for you.
I was totally blown away by the outcome of my natural hair. it felt so good giving my hair a smooth texture. The hairfinity product is for every hair texture and color. It gives you the natural hair glow, leaving your hair moisturized and rich with the right vitamins.
The Cleanse and condition kit.
The journey to beautiful hair starts with the Cleanse and Condition Kit. Gentle Cleanse Shampoo refreshes and removes buildup without stripping your hair of its natural oils, while Balanced Moisture Conditioner brings your hair to an optimal moisture level. Both products have been proven to reduce breakage, and are suitable for daily use.

Do you want to keep in trend with the latest instagram dress trends? Explore more and be instyle. Shop the breezy white dresses, floral prints and strappy sandals.
Today, on the blog, our weekend music feature is Kelvin Spratt, from Charlotte, North Carolina and a North Carolina Central University 2015 graduate. 
Kevin stated "My inspiration for music stems from the 90's era and early 2000's. Artist including Donell Jones, Avant and The Dream just to name a few have really inspired me to write music. I would say that this song is upbeat, clean, and has a old school vibe with a new school twist to it. The meaning of the track is to spend time with a companion that you truly like and enjoy being around. I feel like nowadays, R&B is losing it's secrecy, and it's too straightforward".
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Charm bracelets are popular pieces of jewelery. If you own one, there’s no doubt you love to add charms to it, whether you treat yourself or you’re gifted them by friends and family.

In the recent infographic ‘What does your charm bracelet really mean?’ from the experts at https://www.kiguoflondon.com/, a variety of different charm shapes were looked at, revealing the interesting truth behind each one.

For the lowdown on what your charms mean, keep reading...
There’s no denying that heart shaped charms are among the most popular designs in modern day jewellery. This shape is often associated with feelings of love, romance, passion and affection, and some people believe it represents life and power. 
Heart shaped charms are also believed to represent truth - which is where the saying “listen to your heart” comes from. It’s also said that a heart with an arrow crossing through it stands for a captured heart, making it the perfect gift for a loved one.
There is a lot on my summer list, but from the look of things they will all be shifted to next year. I need more time to work, write articles and create product reviews.  On my sumer to buy list, t-shirts are included. I like t-shirts which stands out for everyday use.
 Finding t-shirts online is common but getting quality t-shirts is not so common. I have shopped t-shirts from different websites but Mrgugu.com offers good quality and different varieties of interesting prints. If you are looking to purchase new t-shirts Mrgugu.com has an absolute must have for everyone. Why? Because among the wide range of designs everyone can find something for themselves. Choose from hundreds of prints inspired by the space, animals, nature and art. This enables you to choose one that goes well and supplements the rest of your everyday wardrobe, wherever you’re going.
Talking about how to add style to a t-shirt while pairing it with jeans, what do you prefer? comfort or just style. Both go hand in hand sometimes, so you can always achieve both.
1. Add a coat or blazer.
2. Wear them with heels or very cool high sneakers
3. Tuck in your tee and add a pair of high heels.
4. Add a hat and Black sunnies. 
5. Wear them with proper pants or skirt.
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