Hi everyone hope you all are great, it was a very awesome Sunday i was blessed. I wont be saying much because i am very busy. of late i have been in a causal mood, and i guess its because of the winter, i don't want to risk that so i hope everyone is cool with it, because i love it and it is more comfortable for me, this period. I mentioned about wearing a pink shirt.. yea its not showing because of my scarf. wishing you all a happy week.
SCARF: esprit
SHIRT: incity
PANTS: tally weijl GET MINE HERE
SHOES:  marks and spencer
WATCH: gold smith
vintage neck lace: fashion market
Yea it was a fun Sunday, with my lovely cut, I had fun, ate in my favorite sandwich hangout. Hope you all are doing great? this is my new look, I love it and hope you do. I want to dye my hair which color of dye should i use? This outfit is simple am not gonna say much about it but hope you love it .

Outfit details:
vintage neck chain: fashion market
top: incity
leggings: incity
skirt: cant remember
shoes: cropp town
watch: goldsmith
scarf : mum gifted me 
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