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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Smart Toys for a Safe and Joyful Holiday Season

During this holiday season, when parents, friends, and family members are looking to purchase toys for the children on their lists or donate them to those who are less fortunate, I have a few suggestions for what you should avoid buying and what you should consider instead. Of course, not all gifts have to be bought. Daily opportunities for play bring joy and help children and teens sharpen their skills. Responsive games are great for infants and toddlers, as they help strengthen the bond between them and their carers while also promoting healthy development.

Here are 10 helpful tips to consider when selecting safe toys and using them in a safe manner. Make sure to select toys that are suitable for your child's age. 

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Smart Toys for a Safe and Joyful Holiday Season

Make sure to read the safety labels! Please be extra cautious with anything that has small parts or attached small parts if you have a child who is under 3 years old. Balloons are not suitable for this age group, either. 

Be cautious of magnets in toys. The US Consumer Product Safety Commission is cautioning people about the potential risks associated with toys that have small, ultra-powerful magnets. These include items like tiny magnetic balls and magnetic building sets. It's really important to make sure that children don't put this toy in their mouth. Furthermore, younger siblings, as well as older children and teenagers, might also face potential risks. These small magnets are much stronger than regular magnets. If someone accidentally swallows two or more of these objects, they can end up getting stuck in the intestinal walls, which can cause blockages and tears. 

It's not always a great idea to go for "vintage" toys. Although many vintage and used toys are probably safe to use, it's important to note that they may no longer have their safety labels. It's possible that you don't know if they have been recalled or if they are broken in a way that could make them less safe. Please exercise extra caution when dealing with items manufactured prior to 2008, as that was the year when toy safety laws were implemented. 

Moving toys. Make sure your child knows how to use toys like scooters, skateboards, and bikes safely and that they actually do use them safely. Make sure to also include the appropriate protective gear, such as helmets, to go along with these gifts. 

Toys that make noise. Yes, it's true that loud noises have the potential to cause damage to our hearing. It's important to consider the amount of noise we encounter throughout our lives, especially with the widespread use of earbud earphones. Starting early with additional noise is something you definitely want to avoid. You always have the option to mute the sound, but it might be a wiser choice to simply refrain from purchasing the toy. 

Slime. It seems that certain brands may contain elevated levels of toxic boron. You can try making your own slime using easy recipes that don't require borax. There are plenty of options available online. Alternatively, if you prefer, you can simply choose to avoid using slime altogether. Fidget spinners and other toys that are specifically made for adults. Be cautious if it states "designed for adults." This implies that the manufacturer is not required to comply with the toy safety standards set by the United States for children. 

"Hatching" playthings. When the eggs hatch, they produce tiny fragments that can potentially pose a choking risk. 

Smart gadgets and toys. There is a possibility that they might gather information that you would prefer not to disclose, and there is also a risk of potential hacking incidents. Mozilla offers a fantastic resource that can assist you in determining which devices are more secure compared to others. Don't forget to consider privacy when giving these items as gifts to children. 

Makeup. Certain brands may contain harmful chemicals. In my opinion, I believe that it's not really necessary for young children to wear makeup. 

What are some of your favourite back-to-basics toys to choose from? The best toys for kids are those that are straightforward and promote pretend play, creativity, fine motor skills, language development, and movement. Imagine things like dolls, puppets, costumes, train sets, blocks and other building sets, balls, jump ropes, bikes, Paw Patrol Toys, books, and, of course, all sorts of art supplies. The toys that provide the most long-lasting fun are the ones that require imagination and interaction, encourage kids to be active, and support their development. 

Paw Patrol Advent Calendar with 24 Surprise Toys

I have three specific types of toys that I would like to recommend: I'm looking for toys that don't have screens. A lot of kids spend way too much time in front of screens. 

Let's consider skipping the electronics this year. games that promote physical activity. These days, it seems like we're all leading such sedentary lives. 

Getting outside and exercising is really wonderful, so gifts like bikes and balls can be absolutely fantastic. If it's really cold outside or you don't have much outdoor space that's easy to get to, try finding activities that you can do indoors instead. I genuinely take pleasure in playing with balls that feature handles and permit sitting and bouncing. They are so much fun! Balance boards, riding toys, stepping stones, and even indoor tightropes are also great options for having a good time. You can use a yoga mat for various types of exercise. If you have the opportunity, it's a great idea to create a designated exercise area in addition to your home office setup. toy sets that can be used for group play. You should try looking for games that the whole family can enjoy together. There are plenty of options available, so you're bound to find something that everyone will love. You could also consider getting a train set or a building kit that both of you can enjoy doing together. Now, more than ever, we realise how much we rely on each other. It's important to find joy and have fun, especially during the holiday season. Combining both of these things is truly a wonderful gift.


  1. Smart toys are the best :)

  2. Melody suas dicas muito importante, é sempre bom ter cuidados na hora de comprar presentes para as crianças bjs.

  3. What a wonderful post for parents this season! I would of loved these suggestions when my boys were young.


  4. ¡¡Hola Melody!! Qué importante es todo lo que nos cuentas, pues algunas cosas, ni había pensado en ellas a la hora de fijarme qué comprar o qué no comprar. Estoy de acuerdo de intentar que no todo sea tecnológico, pues ya pasan mucho tiempo los niños frente a las pantallas y potenciar aquellos juguetes que te ayudan a fomentar la imaginación o que se puedan usar al aire libre, para hacer ejercicio además de divertirse y jugar. Un post estupendo. Besitos.

  5. My children loved playing with Lego and at Christmas time with the Lego train that ran through the whole living room :-)) And when they were really little they had this wooden train that you show :-)))
    A happy greeting to you.

  6. The labels are so small and have such small writing...that they intentionally made them like that - so that they could not be read!

  7. Love your with wooden toys, they are brilliant Melody.

  8. Safety is such a critical factor to consider when it comes to choosing toys for children. I like your suggestion to go with games that promote physical activity.

  9. I have always liked smart toys things that help them learn

  10. Adorei as dicas! Eu adoro os brinquedos de antigamente!
    Beijos nas bochechas! 😘🌷

  11. Very valuable thoughts! Thank you for your entry!

  12. What a helpful post. Thank you so much for sharing it! I hope you're having a great holiday season so far <3
    the creation of beauty is art.

  13. To prevent waste, children's toy purchases should be made carefully. Our goal is for kids to get more from gaming. In any case, try to keep electronics out of children's early hands.

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