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Autoimmune disease and fatigue

An autoimmune disease can significantly alter your quality of life. Fatigue is often the most incapacitating sign of an autoimmune disease. It's not the same as the fatigue that most individuals experience after exerting themselves for extended periods of time or after getting poor sleep. It's a persistent tiredness that makes it difficult to even get by during the day, much less engage in things you find enjoyable.

And it's annoying to be tired. Your doctor is not able to measure or test for it. Even though it's frequently invisible to others, you experience it as genuine. It is unclear why autoimmune diseases and weariness are associated, while inflammation may contribute to some of the explanation. Additional potential causes encompass discomfort, restless nights, inactivity, and a low mood.

It's not a sign of weakness if your exhaustion fully drains your energy. Avoid attempting to overcome it. Be mindful of your physical state and pace yourself. Look for ways to control the amount of energy you have.

The following suggestions could be useful:

Breathe easily. Don't put too much pressure on yourself to do everything. If you feel exhausted, either take a nap or engage in a relaxing activity such as reading, writing, listening to music, or practicing meditation. If it helps, plan rest periods throughout the day.

Make advance plans. Use your energy on the most crucial tasks on your calendar if you're short on them. Make arrangements the night before if you have a full day ahead of you to help the day run more smoothly.

Tell your friends and family. Inform those close to you about your condition and the possibility of exhaustion so they will understand if you have to change or cancel plans.

Have a balanced diet. Anyone with an autoimmune condition may benefit from following a nutritious diet. You might need to adhere to certain diets or dietary restrictions if you have any autoimmune disorders.

Exercise on a regular basis. Maintaining a healthy physique through exercise might help increase energy levels. Strive to maintain an exercise regimen that you can stick to.

Make time to sleep. While sleep is necessary, it must be restorative. Sleep well by adopting healthy sleeping practices.

Find assistance. Having to deal with a chronic illness may be exhausting. Anxiety may deplete your vitality. Consult your doctor about methods to get emotional assistance if you're feeling down.


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