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A female sexual partner has a bladder infection. Do you need a urine test to see if you gave it to her?

Where you responsible for my partner's bladder infection?

When a woman has a normal bladder infection, the most typical type of urinary tract infection (UTI), her sexual partner does not need to be checked. UTI-causing germs are not transmitted by partners. Women's small urethras—the tube that removes urine from the bladder—make them more susceptible to UTIs. The region surrounding the urethra's end is covered in bacteria. In order to infect the bladder in women, these germs only need to travel a short distance from the urethral entrance. Even though you did not spread the bacteria, you might have had some impact. After sexual activity, some women experience UTIs. This is especially true when having sex that is intense or frequent. Changing sexual positions and encouraging her to urinate immediately after sexual contact may be helpful in these circumstances.



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