Friday, October 21

Meeting a friend at Braehead shopping centre

Because of the war, I left Ukraine for the United Kingdom, leaving behind long-time friends, which has made me feel lonely in the UK. I still communicate with them, but because of the way we all fled and had to cross different borders, we haven't had time to plan a reunion because the conflict is still going on and people have yet to begin to recuperate from the impacts of the war.

So, two days ago, I saw a friend's status on Instagram, and her location showed that she was Edinburgh. I was super excited even though she wasn't exactly in the same city as me, but it was a city that is an hour away from Glasgow. I sent her a message immediately and she confirmed that she only stayed at Edinburgh with her mother and child, but she was actually staying in Glasglow at Braehead, and she was close to the Braehead shopping centre.

We immediately made a plan to meet up, and we did. I was so happy because this was the first time, I had met a friend from Ukraine since the war. We walked around the city, talked a lot, and took lots of photos.

Honestly, I am happy to have her here in Glasgow city. I felt alone for a while due to the fast transition, but I am getting used to the city and I am happily working, blogging, and publishing.

Anyway, guys, meet Vika, a long-time friend from Ukraine. 

Prince square Glasgow.
Prince square Glasgow.

Prince square Glasgow.


Lexel X at St Enoch shopping centre Glasgow.






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