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How to protect yourself on Halloween Day

The Halloween season is here; the spooky season to do all the scary and fun events, but while you are at it, remember that the coronavirus outbreak is still on, and even though the news isn't carrying as much information as before, we need to be careful. Wear a mask and stay in a safe environment.

Avoid spreading germs or coming into contact with germs during Halloween and learn how to protect yourself and your children.

How to protect yourself on Halloween Day
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Go visual on Halloween instead of worrying about protecting yourself. You don't have to go out and try to stay safe on Halloween. Instead, you can attend Halloween visual events.

There are Halloween gatherings held online using services like Zoom, Skype, and WebEx, which are referred to as "virtual Halloween parties. At these events, there are often games and activities with a Halloween theme, such as online haunted houses, scary scavenger hunts, and virtual trick-or-treating.

If you are wondering how, you can enjoy or participate in outdoor Halloween events but stay protected, here are tips to stay protected during your treat or trick.

Wear a mask. A mask protects you and prevents the spread of germs.

Disinfectant should be in your pocket. Use them as often as you need.

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Wear gloves while having fun and going around collecting candies or hunting houses. Touching corners, remember that wearing gloves is better than getting infected.

Avoid any food that you do not know the ingredients used in preparing it.
A lot of people go all the way-out during events and eat as much as they can, but you do not want to have food poisoning and end up taking sick leave or going to the hospital.

When you get home, put your clothes in a safe place and properly dispose of them, or keep them in a separate laundry bag, use disinfectant spray on them, and wash them when you're ready.

Wash your hands properly. Not everyone knows how to wash their hands properly, so here is a video to show you how you to wash your hands properly.

Go to bed without eating candy. One of the most concerning side effects of late-night snacking is hormonal response dysfunction. Several studies show that eating late at night makes it harder for the body to use insulin.

This makes it challenging for the body to remove glucose from the blood, making it more susceptible to disease. Even worse, if it lasts for a long time, it can make it more likely that a person will get diabetes.

Charming girl enjoying tasty lollypop during Halloween holiday at night

Photo by Charles Parker: https://www.pexels.com/photo/charming-girl-enjoying-tasty-lollypop-during-halloween-holiday-at-night-5859695/

Remember, prevention is better than cure. Stay safe.


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