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Business Analytics for Strategic Decisions.

How Business Analytics for Strategic Decisions Can Benefit Your Company.

As big data tools become more common and inexpensive, companies are constantly reinventing how they do business. More data is being generated as a result of greater innovation. Organizations of all sizes rely on the insight offered by business analytics to use this data and make educated choices.

You may obtain the information and skills you need to achieve strategic advantage and impact your company's bottom line by enrolling in the Business Analytics for Strategic Decisions program. As you progress through the Business Analytics Playbook in the curriculum, you will learn how to:

Benefits of Business Analytics for Strategic Decisions

Assess the maturity of your organization's data analytics.

Identify your organization's existing but underutilized data sources.

Describe how you can enhance the accuracy of a model that predicts a certain business result.

Identify strategic, managerial, and/or organizational challenges in your company or sector that are connected to analytics.

Evaluate the data quality in your organization.

Explain the differences between causal and predictive analytics.

Evaluate your organization's present data security infrastructure.

Determine whether AI risks are important to your company and which rules in your industrial sector apply to these risks.


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