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How to Apply Press-on Nails Professionally (Tips and Tricks)

Press on nails is easy to apply with the following steps.

It takes 5 minutes to apply the product. It lasts for more than a week. Create your amazing designs by mixing and matching!

Usage Instructions - 

- STEP 1: Always use dry, clean nails.
- STEP 2: Use a nail file to buff the nail bed.
- STEP 3: Choose the right nail size for each nail bed.
- STEP 4: Paint the nails with a thin layer of adhesive.
- STEP 5: Press on and hold for 5 seconds, starting at the cuticle.
Bring the nail up to your cuticle line and apply at a downward angle while applying press-on. To harden the adhesive or glue, apply pressure to the centre of the nail and compress both sides.
- STEP 6: If necessary, file and shape your new nails.
- STEP 7: Apply a clear topcoat for a longer-lasting finish. Use Non-Toxic Nail Glue. - Quick: No more streaks, smudges, or drying time.

Purchase Pro: Salon-quality press nails. nails can be cut and filed into a french tip or various other styles.

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