November 20, 2018

Christmas gifts under $50 to buy for your female friends this holiday season

Stop those excuses and start buying Christmas gifts for your girlfriends. It is a season of love and kindness, hoping we have a white christmas like the ones we used to know, come back late at night feeling so cozy, covered up in a big blanket, Singing or listening to christmas songs, taking lots of tea and unwrapping your gifts. Let's show as much love as we can this season. Our friends are important people who play a fantastic role in our lives. The good girl friends, the sneaky girl friends, the troublesome and the sticky girl friends all deserve a gift this season. Whether it is an expensive gift or a low priced gift, lets try to put a smile on the faces of our girl friends this holiday season.

Thinking about it, I am so guilty of this, but I have decided to change and I will be gifting my girl friends this year. We all know that they might have been good or naughty, but this santa Melody is going to look pass all that and gift as much as she can.

One excuse we always get is, I don't know what to buy, I do not have enough money, it is almost Christmas day, I am not feeling the season. Now if this is your problem then start getting the gifts early. Buying the gifts early puts you in the holiday vibe/mood, you look forward to Christmas day and get so excited to present the gifts to each of your friends. I am planning on making mine a little formal. Tho, I know where my girlfriends stay, I have decided to send handwritten cards alongside a couple of gifts to each of them via the post office.

Wondering what are the best gifts under $50 to buy for your friends, hey....I got you right there. Click on the link to purchase each of the gifts mentioned below or you can purchase similar in a local store where you reside.
                                                             Enjoy the holiday season.

 What are you planning on gifting your female friends?


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