Wednesday, March 14

In collaboration with Zumba, wearing the Energy Boom Dancing shoes

When you hear Zumba, what comes to mind? If I am not mistaken, almost every young person knows about Zumba fitness and wears.

Today, I will be sharing the Zumba Energy Boom Shoes with you. This is truly the best light-weight shoe for sports in general and for dancing.

When preparing to buy dance shoes, they need to feel like they fit perfectly. The term "fits like a glove" aptly applies. The fit and feel of the shoe will vary slightly for shoe types designed for a specific type of dance. All types of dance shoes should fit snugly on the foot. Once a foot is inside the dance shoe (and laced up, when applicable), it should not be able to move within the shoe.

The right dancing shoes make all the difference in one’s comfort, stamina, and ability to execute tricky dance moves. Dance shoes must withstand a tremendous amount of wear and tear without breaking or failing in any way. All dance shoes have a suede bottom to allow for a certain amount of sliding and spinning while still gripping the floor and allowing for powerful movement. However, depending on which styles you dance (standard, Latin, smooth, and rhythm), you may need different shoes.

It is important that the shoe not be too loose, as the foot will be unable to properly grip and could throw you off balance. If the shoe is too tight, you will not have proper flexibility, and the tightness could cause serious injuries. Choosing a shoe that is half a size or one size smaller than the ordinary shoe size should be close to the proper dance fit. The difference between snug and tight can be very slight, so it is important to understand how the shoe should feel. A snug shoe should be form-fitting to the foot. There should be just enough room to wiggle the toes without slipping in the heel. A dance shoe that is too tight will hurt immediately. The foot will feel uncomfortable, and even the simplest movements will be hindered. If the feet hurt, even before any activity, the shoe is too small. Dance shoes should feel comfortable on the foot in order to accommodate the hours of practice and performance. A brand new pair of dance shoes should feel tight, but not painfully so. Over time and use, the material will stretch and loosen up.

If you are buying the shoes online, remember that many shoe brands are European and use a different sizing system than shoes in North America, so always contact the company via email before buying with measurements of your foot to be sure.

Step out in style in the Zumba Energy Boom! These high-top fan favorites include additional padding throughout for maximum comfort, along with Z-Slide technology.
• High-Top
• Additional padding throughout for maximum comfort
• High-rebound PU removable sock
• Wider Fit
• Z-Slide
• Our first-ever denim kicks off with funky gold paint splatter details.
• Material: leather or textile


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  1. Wow! These are so pretty. I must share this post with my friends as well. I am so excited to have found it online. I bought some printed carbon38 leggings recently and these shoes will look fabulous with it. I guess, I am ready to hit the gym now.

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