Recent research published in the American Heart Association's journal Circulation looked at a model that may predict changes in cardiometabolic illness (particularly type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and obesity) as well as healthcare expenditures if sugar reduction objectives were implemented. The National Salt and Sugar Reduction Initiative (NSSRI) in the United States suggested voluntary sugar reduction objectives in 2018. Except for sugar-sweetened drinks, which were aimed for a 40% reduction, each of the 15 food groups had a 20 per cent decrease in average sugar content by the end of 2026. Diet data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey from 2011 to 2016, sugar-related illnesses from a variety of different research studies, and health-related expenditures were all factored into the model.

There are cakes that are simple but captures the essence of the moment and Homely.bake has been able to incorporate playful yet beautiful cake designs that melt the heart using different colours to send love via a birthday cake. As she celebrates over 10 thousand followers on Instagram we wish her are a more beautiful year ahead.

After summer, fall is one of my favourite seasons. I have shared lots of nail inspiration for fall and the list goes on and on. Feed your eyes while making the perfect nail design selection for your next manicure by Karolina Mejza.

When planning your fall wardrobe, keeping it simple will help you style your looks from Day to Night. You can get your fall everyday outfits ready, by adding blazers, belts and scarves to your look. Take a look at these outfit inspiration ideas by Whatemwore.

A camera can express a woman's attractiveness in a variety of ways. However, what if we revert to the methods of great artists? This is how Estonian photographer Dmitry Lutsevich approached his work and succeeded - each of his images captures the genuine beauty and expressiveness of the feminine image.

Dmitri Lucewicz is an Estonia-based photographer. Dmitry's passion for painting and photography is inextricably linked to his profession as a make-up artist and colourist.

The creative environment in which Lutsevich grew up had a profound impact on the photographer's future. His mother worked in the beauty sector and was involved in a variety of artistic endeavours; she once sought assistance from her son, which resulted in, as Lutsevich puts it, "a productive tandem." The desire to document your results has become the primary motivation for purchasing a camera and studying photography.

The Cotswolds is a rural region in south-central England that encompasses portions of six counties, most notably Gloucestershire and Oxfordshire. Its undulating hills and grasslands are dotted with thatched medieval towns, churches, and magnificent mansions constructed entirely of the region's characteristic yellow limestone. From Bath in the south to Chipping Campden in the north, the 102-mile Cotswold Way walking route follows the Cotswold Edge escarpment.

The Cotswolds is one of the finest, summer and beyond staycation destinations in the United Kingdom! There are so many lovely local companies to support, discover, and visit.

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