Tis the Season for Christmas Macarons

The greatest time of year to make macarons for gifts and party favors is during the holidays. You can only imagine how grateful your loved ones will be for the time and work you put into making such adorable gifts for them in their honor. When you receive these gorgeous French pastries, the "WOW" factor is unmatched. Even more so when you take the time to pipe them into cute characters or fill them with boozy macaron flavors that can't be purchased in supermarkets. I hope that you would find these macaron designs appealing and worthy of imitating.

Pink Pearl Macarons


A lot of people get bored having the same snacks each year at their Christmas party, yes we all want something different and crave a new taste. For this year's Christmas, while cakes are still the unique traditional dessert, Macarons are a perfect exchange or addition. Here we are not giving you the recipe just the best Christmas macaron design ideas that will help your macaron design look more outstanding even before it is consumed by your guest during the festive season or on Christmas day.

Peppermint Macarons

Macaron is a trendy pastry, especially in Europe. Enjoy viewing satisfaction with these colourful French macaroons by Lucia. Macarons are not only edible but are used as part of decorative statements.

Citrus macarons never looked so good and calling. Apart from the appetizing taste of Macarons and their ability to look very luxurious in photos has gained this snack more popularity.

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